Parenting and Postpartum Depression






I always thought that once you gave birth and saw your own flesh and blood gazing up lovingly into your eyes, that something magical  instantly happens.


I like to think that this is how it is with most mothers.. However, I realize reality-wise, that there are some mothers who give birth and feel nothing at all. Why?



Hopefully this phase won’t last forever, but I suppose it could, and that would be very devastating for the mother.


There is something called postpartum depression.


 I have read skeptics say that Postpartum depression is not real, while others say it is a demon,etc.


I am no expert on this matter, but with five children later, and one severe case of postpartum psychosis. I would not wish it on my worst enemy.


Mine lasted for five months and treatment was needed. It is not something that I really like to talk about in depth, but I know it is real, and want to encourage other mothers that it does happen, and it is completely OK to seek medical help if you ever find yourself with any feelings as those listed below following a birth.


1.    Disconnection from your newborn.

2.Feelings of anger or rage.

3.Feelings as if you want to get rid of your newborn.

4.Feelings of suicide, and you don’t know why.

5.Feelings like YOU want to run away and never return.


  I have experienced first hand, several of these symptoms, and that was enough for me to seek help ASAP! DON’T WAIT! DON’T LISTEN TO FAMILY, or FRIENDS WHO ARE TRYING TO MAKE YOU FEEL THAT YOU CAN DO IT ALL AT HOME ALONE! You know how you feel better then anyone else on the planet! Listen to YOURSELF, where this is concerned!





My experience with postpartum psychosis was nine years ago,  and with each pregnancy I have had, since then..I have spent many nights praying that I would never have to go through it ever again and I haven’t!


 With my last three children, I have had that magical  *in love* feelings for each of them.Praise God!!


If you or anyone you know has recently confided in you that they are not feeling quite right since giving birth..PLEASE, be more then a friend too them and urge them to make a doctors appointment or offer to make them one yourself and drive them there for support. It is such an incredible feeling to be able to fall in love with your child at birth..but this is not always the case and that is Ok..just as long as you seek some help..Sometimes the help is nothing more then discussing it with a support group of ladies who have been there themselves…and sometimes medication is needed for a short while. I have found St. Johns Wort which is over the counter to be equivalent minis the side effects to Prozac and Zoloft. Whichever you to your doctor first and find a support group in your hometown or even online…You do NOT have to feel disconnected to your newborn or child…The Lord trusts you to care for your little one and love him or her unconditionally and to fulfill all there newborn needs. It will not be too long before they do not need such demanding 24/7 goes by very quickly…You were once a newborn yourself..and someone was caring for your needs just as you are caring for your little ones needs..We seem to forget this sometimes when baby won’t stop crying and you are only going on a couple hours of sleep yourself..


If your newborn is crying, and you know that they have a clean diaper on, have been fed, and there is nothing medically wrong with them such as gas or reflux or worse..then they may just need their mom to cuddle them…and there is nothing wrong with that..Yes, maybe timing is the pits, but these times will NOT be forever and just as sometimes you feel sad and upset at certain hours of the night or day and expect your husband to talk with you or even a friend..your baby NEEDS YOU! I can not stress this enough. Babies do NOT cry for no reason..I know many folks will tell you that but this is not true…Babies need Love 24/7..and love nothing more then to feel the warmth of there mothers chest…Don’t deny your little ones ladies…


If anyone ever needs to chat about this with me personally..Please leave me a message and I can email you.