What is the difference between a commune and a community?

A “commune,” is an intentional group of folks living together, sharing common interests, property, possessions, resources, work and income. They are encouraged to give up their individualality for the well being and love of the group. They are  like minded people that have a goal of reaching others to join them in unity, portraying all others as outsiders.  They  are often times seen as Religious Cults.


A “community, ” (think  Amish) is a group of folks that are like minded, but remain as individuals. They do not share their income, but do share their resources and talents within the group. Some are Religious, some are not. Their goal is to live in harmony with each other and extend their talents to others outside of the group also.  They are not seen as a cult. They are very kind hearted and have an amazing  gift of works that involves helping one another. 


Pretty intresting huh? :o)


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