New to Unprocessed Foods? No Problem!

Lets talk healthy food choices!

Almonds, Hazelnuts and Pumpkin Seeds are the three healthiest nuts. I never knew that. I always thought peanuts and walnuts were, ironically, they are the two worst ones for the human body.

Almonds, when eaten raw and unsalted, are the most alkaline of all nuts,  The best for the bone structure of the body, strengthening the enamel of your teeth too. That is really neat to learn!

~Processed starches that contain gluten, is  the  worst  thing for the body, then animal products. I always thought it was the other way around. After all, just look at Vegetarians..They don’t eat animal products but are crazy for starches.

Second food that wrecks haven on your bodies insides are:

~ White sugars
Third and forth  foods to try your best to abstain from, would be meats and dairy. This also includes fish. (I am still eating fish (salmon) at this time, about once a week.) My goal is to do away from it too though. It takes time, having eating the Standard American diet (SAD) for the past 30+ years. Little by little, Start of steady and  slow, taking away one thing at a time until you feel comfortable and emotional enough, eliminating the others. Do NOT try to go from a dead foods diet to an alive foods diet over night. You will cave in and give up. Your body will also go through too much detox all at once.  Detoxifing your bodies insides. (future post) :o)

 I have had many folks share their personal testimonies with me these past three months. It is amazing how the Lord has brought  folks IRL,  into my life, at this most perfect time. They are vibrant and healthy, lovely people!
People can be at a healthy weight but VERY UNhealthy. I know several people that are thin, but have high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol problems. Your goal should be, healthy on the INSIDE and OUTSIDE.

Transitional  Breakfast Food Choices:

Instead of that bowl of cereal-try to have a bowl of fresh fruits. This is what I do when I am not on a juice fast. I pick 3 fruits, cut them all up and arrange them real pretty in your best cereal bowl. My favorites are Apples or Pears, blueberries or grapes, with a sliced banana or mango. Bananas are very starchy, so use them sparingly. If you need to eat them each day for a while though, hey, it’s better then having cereal with pasteurized cows milk.

 Speaking of that big bowl of cereal with milk, try switching to almond milk during your transitional period. Yes, it can be bought at Walmart. You can also use or make your own rice milk. We prefer the almond milk here though. Try both, switch to your favorite! Remember, if you make your own rice milk, do NOT use white rice. White rice is highly bleached and overly processed. We buy organic brown basmati rice. Costcos sells it very reasonably. It comes in a very sturdy canister, that is reuseable.

Almong milk and Rice milk can also be bought for 2.00 at Walmart. They are  found in one of the middle isles. Neither is dairy. Almond milk is also so easy to make.  All you need is a blender. We just made a gallon of it yesterday in fact. All I needed was 2 cups of almonds, a pinch of sea salt, REAL vanilla extract and some organic brown sugar.You can also use REAL maple syrup instead of the Organic brown sugar, or Stevia. we were out of both, so we used organic brown sugar.  DO not, and I repeat DO not use fake imitation  anything. This includes your basic Domino’s brown sugar, which is nothing more then molasses covered white refined sugar which is poison to your body.  I use to use the stuff all the time, until I researched and decided to educate myself on how poisonious it was for the body.

This is also true of all the Aunt Jemimah type syrups which are filled with additives, corn syrups, artificial caramel coloring and other   really nasty unhealthy stuff. Pancake syrup that is not real maple syrup should be a top priority in omitting from your  families diet. I will be writing up a post soon on how simple and easy it is to make Almond Milk at home in less then 30mins. I have many informative healthy posts coming up these next few weeks!

Other transitional breakfast foods may be oatmeal. I buy a great big box of “Organic” oatmeal at Costco’s for about 10 dollars. The kids love it! Much better and more “whole foods” then those little packs of  Quaker Oats that are filled with additives and artificial flavorings.
If you have been eating cereal for years and years each, you might want to consider switching to an all natural Organic cereal. There are several kinds to choose from at Costco’s. Sam’s Club does not carry Organic stuff. They do carry a great big bag of RAW nuts though. Costco’s does not. :oP
You can always go to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, if money is not a problem. <G>
Costco’s carries all the Kashi cereals in bulk too, along with, Organic Raisin bran, and a magnificent Pumpkin crunch cereal that my husband adores. Having a cup of either of these choices with some almond milk will be a step in the right direction, until you can be fully satisfied on a great big bowl of fresh fruits first thing in the mornings, or better yet, a green smoothie or freshly juiced carrot juice which is remarkably healing to your body. :o)

My Next post will be about Lunch’s and how to transition over to a more healthy lunch choice. I will also be doing a blog about some amazing testimonies on what has been happening in mine and my husbands life, including, hair suddening growing back in my DH’s bald spot and gray hair turning back to it’s original color! Amazing stuff!

My mother who was only with me for 3 weeks was also able to get off her diabetes meds, Gurd meds and cholesterol meds, In only 3 weeks, from eating, what is better known to the Raw Vegan foodists, as a CLEAN diet!! Stop wasting your time on the Standard American Diet, which is abbreviated, not by accident I’m sure, (SAD)

Think about all the children who suffer something awful from ADHD and Autism, Why? because we are taught, in schools, at such a young age, to follow the poisonous food pyramid. I’ll also be including what a Clean food chart pyramid looks like in another future post, as well as a post about distilled water verses Spring Water and my own personal testimony of how I cured my gum disease and 4 loose teeth at home, with my own amazing UNfluorinated tooth soap :o) The kids and I had an amazing dentist visit last week..Perfect teeth AND gums for the first time..NO CAVITIES!!!

I even had my dentist taking notes! :o)~
That is all I have time for today…ENJOY Your Day!

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