Why Religion will never work-set yourself FREE!


For those of you who have been asking me questions on FB on why my family has left “the system/the box” and have no plans on ever returning to the most UNbiblical place there is, that being the CHRUCH. Here you go!

This explains why church, is not  a place a Christian should be. And yes, it does fall back on follow the money chain, follow the motives chain ect. That, and you won’t find GOD at a church….You will be scared into becoming saved though. Will it be from the heart though? Probably not I’m afraid.

Of course being around hyprocrites and pharisees, is also not a place I want to be. It is so sad how many of us  have been teaching our kids that if they want to “find” God, then they should go to the box=church. Why are we teaching our children this? What kind of mixed warped message are we sending our children? Of course we should be teaching our children about christ at home. I do, and this is why I have had so many frustrated Sunday school teachers mention to me that my daughters should be teaching the class, and that they can not seem to find a story that my kids don’t know. *grin* But this has always been  ok with me. It means I am doing my job.

It took my family 4 years of looking, yearning, and feeling in limbo…before the Lord had to do the drastic, to get our attention.

We were being called out of the church. We did not understand what was happening. We thought we were the only ones too, until finding over 500+ other families that have also left  corporate worship. Many people will never be ready, or called. They have a sense of belonging and feeling needed in the system, and this is ok.

I was led to believe that we were all created equal. That if you are a REAL christian, then you would look a certain way and act a certain way etc. This is Religion at its worst.

Christ never meant for Christianity to become a Religion! Man has made it one and it is the main reason why so many unbelievers mock christians. We should not be the ones trying to change people folks, to get them to conform to OUR ways! This is the holy spirits job, NOT ours. We can pray, that is where it should stop. To do more by using guilt, or withholding our love, is not having faith in Christ to move mountains in peoples lives. Think about this for a minute. Why must we desire to carbon-copy everyone? This will only frustrate,

If you ever  get to the point that you have questions and you find yourself  thinking, is this all there is?  Same old mundane church services week after week.  Hearing the salvation message 100 times a year… No real relationships forming within the church family, collecting money for a dozen different things, but never seeing any fruit…Waking up and dreading that you need to go, “put in your time”.  The list is endless…

  Sounds awful right? It should! Yet, thousands upon thousands of Christians every Sunday morning are just going through the motions in order to please there congragation. Thinking that it is pleasing to Christ doing so. Feeling obligated!

I am speaking from some serious  experience. In the past, we have had one pastor tell us that he is not there to be our friend, only to pastor us! Wow! We have also been told that they would pray for our salvation, because if we leave the church, then we are not “really” saved.

And my personal favorite observation…

You think you have a whole slew of friends that love on you each Sunday morning with hugs and kisses?  Do you think you have REAL genuine fellowship with other believers  at your church? Do you think these folks are praying for you in real  authentic love?

Well, just tell them one morning that you will not be coming back to the church. Tell them that you have been praying and fasting, and God is calling you OUT of the church! Any chruch!

Then this is where the real fun begins…

Will they still call and check up on you?

When you invite them for lunch, will they show up?

Afterall, you have done dozen upon dozens of pot lucks with them, you broke bread with them, you laught and cried with them, you shared your heart with them, you opened your home to them, and really loved them!!!

BUT: There was never a REAL relationship formed. Only casual friendship. You see, there is a big huge difference between relationship and friendship. I have found out the hard way  because I wear my heart on my sleeve. I have gotten burned in real life, and even the net.

It boils down to this:

Just because you spend time with a person, pour your heart out, pray with them etc. These things do not mean that you have a  real relationship with them. Don’t be fooled!

Friendship, does not = relationship. Most folks that you will meet in this life will have their own agenda. At chruch it is, what can you do for us agenda.? It may not look like that on the surface, but just watch a couple of the 2 minute church clips below on the family room link I posted. Your eyes will be open!!!

I am reading the most awesome book right now, called “So you don’t want to go to church anymore” By Jake Colsen”  It is not for the casual Christian. It is alot to take in at once. It will make you laugh and cry at the same time. You will see how NOT alone you are and how God does not want  for us, what we think  he wants from us. That  being,”Trapped in Religion” It really is a death trap!

Part 1


Part 2


Part 1 http://www.thegodjourney.com/audio/2008/0418h.mp3



And, for a little die hard humor, that will make you spill our coffee all over your keyboard….Theses  church clips are only 2 minutes each, and will really make you see what YOUR church is all about! ENJOY!



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