Church, H1N1, and Living foods!

Good Afternoon everyone! I feel Inspired! Things have never been bad per-say, but since doing some major life changes this past year, I just can not stop smiling.

I use to read other ladies blogs and read how happy and good they always seemed to feel, or so they claimed. Secretly, I always left thinking that they were lying. I don’t know why. Just did.

I am walking around 50 lbs lighter, which feels Amazing! I have also been set free from Religious Bondage! Always trying to EARN gods love! This has been such an amazing year for me and my family. I feel such a connection with Christ, like never before. I feel like Church had done so much damage to me, even though I did not get saved until age 23..It feels amazing to throw religion out the door and focus solely on Christ now. I am finding many people know “about” Christ, but really have no relationship with him what-so-ever.

They are so busy at church, serving and keep the church functioning, which leaves little, to no time, for a relationship with the King!  If any of you watched any of the little video church clips that I posted a while ago, you will see what I mean. The church is a system, much like the movie The Matrix..Most folks feel that the church is who they are. Their identity. They are lost without punching the clock, sorta speak. This should speak volumes!

That all said….

I woke up today craving a GREEN smoothie! I have read that the more “alive” foods you place into your body, the more you will crave, and feel ALIVE! Well, this seems to be true. I am still so amazed at my little old 1972 dollar vintage blender that is breaking down the greens much like a five hundred dollar Vita Mix  does. Sure, it takes more then 30 seconds, but in less then 5 mins, I have a perfect Green smoothie that is full of living enzymes and energy! My husband, who has never cared for greens, says they are good too. This speaks volumes to me. The key is, the sweet and thick fruits that you add to it. This totally masks the strong green flavor, and even the kids are drinking up.

 My son was around some other kids last week and came down with what we thought was the H1N1. He was fine one minute, and had a fever, vomiting with diarrhea the next minute. Well, that was the flu symptoms I was told, and I was also told it would last at least 1 full week. BUT, no need to fear when a mom has a power smoothie to share!!

He had no appetite, thank goodness..y’all know how fun vomit is to clean up on a full tummy! LOL

Anyway, I gave him some aloe to sip that night, elderberry in the morning, and some sips of greens..This nipped it in the bud in less then 24 hours flat!!! He was running and playing the very next day!


Another testimony was a sudden ear infection my little one had. In the past, I ran to the doctors, with a screaming waiting child. Feeling ever so helpless. They would just tell me to give her pain killers, and put her on a 14 day antibiotic. Then 14 days later, baby is fine for a couple days and BANG! The ear infection would come back, and we would have to go back to the Quack, I mean doctor, and go through the whole thing over once more, this time with a stronger 14 day antibiotic!! Ugh!

Keep in mind my youngest has been the healthiest. This was actually the first time she has ever had an ear infection. I just felt like the best mommy around, having been able to ease her pain ASAP and CURE it too!

How did I cure it? I put 3 drops of pure olive oil in her ear 3x that day. The pain immediately stopped as soon as the olive oil hit the ear canal..and the very next day..the infection was gone! She was fine. I put 3 more drops in that one ear, just in case..but she was back to her old self again. WOW! The pharmacy sells this ear stuff in the baby section called, “sweet oil” If you look at the ingredients, it is 100% olive oil. Hmmmm..WHat a no brainer, when you keep olive oil in the house all the time anyways.

The Lord is Amazing at providing natural home remedies for  illnesses. All we need to do is educate ourselves. This is the Key!!
The Doctors are not God! Most, if not all, are not on your side either! They are only taught to treat your symptoms in Medical school. They are never taught how to cure them. They are there to make a buck, that is it! They are there to support the pharmecuitcals. If you follow the money train, you will always fall right back to the Pharmecuticals…They are most likely the ones that let out the virus in Mexico for the H1N1 in the first place..Don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise folks!!

My yummy smoothies!



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To learn more about the medical benefits that green smoothies have: