Liberated OR Backslidden?

What does it mean to be liberated? What does it mean to backslide? And are they two of the same? Some people seem to think so. Let us take a look at what these two words actually mean.


Backslidden- To revert to sin or wrongdoing, especially in religious practices.

Liberated- free from traditional social restraints.

Wow, I never knew there was such a huge difference between the two. If you would have asked me this last year at this time, I would have said that these two words meant the same thing. I also would have thrown the word Rebellion to the mix.

When people greet me; who I have not spent time with in a while, they may think I have backslidden. Why? Simply because I no longer follow man made tradition.

I think the word Liberated is right on cue here. Being liberated has nothing to do with backsliding. Being liberated is not partaking in sin by no means, however it is not being as cold as ice either. It means being liberated in Christ! It is a renewing of my mind that has set me free from religious bondage that satan has had me in for so many years. Satan has many believers in religious bondage.

Too be honest I do not know that I even believe in the word backslidden. I mean, being a Christian means picking up the cross and following Christ. If you are a born again believer, then you have the holy spirit within you and for you to backslide, or so the word indicates. You set the cross down and resort back to your sinful ways, whether it be drugs, or getting drunk, or commiting adultry or the alike.

Can a believer who has had their heart changed, and transformed by Christ himself, backslide? For me, I’d say no. Not if there was ever a true transformation of the mind and heart.

Getting back to the word Liberated. It has been on my mind alot lately and I have been using it alot lately too. I think that once God liberates us, we are set free. Not having a free pass to sin, that is not what I am saying. Set free to just be who the lord wants us to be for the time givin. It means not following a bunch of man made rules that christianity teaches us to follow. It means having fun and not feeling guilty of having a good time and laughing till you cry!!! It means lighting up a little. Not making your friends and children live up to your expectations. It means letting others just be themself, and hopefully, if you are the believer, they will see something a little different in you, and that something should be love. The Lord is the one who will do the tranforming. You should have faith in God and just shut up! Stop trying to force your thoughts and beliefs on others. Let go and let God…Stop trying so hard. Pray,listen, and watch the Lord work around you. HE WILL! We are taught that we need to “help” God. I never did understand this.

Getting back to being Liberated….

Since when did having fun become sinful and unjust? When did laughing become a bad thing? Why must we be so serious all the time? The bible is silent on so many things and alot of conservatives have taken this to mean we can not partake in certain things. Why add to the scriptures like this??  The Lord will renew your mind and transform you. It is not something that you can just wake up one morning and do. Until then…just relax! I suppose it sounds too easy, and most of us are worker bees, but that is another way that satan uses us. By keeping us distracted and busy.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I am not only NOT ashamed of the gospel of Christ;  I am also  not ashamed of the fact that I like to laugh and have a good time and that there is more to life then being stiff necked and serious ALL the time! Think about how much time it takes to critisize and judge others?  Trust me when I say..It is exausting!

I want to shout out to the world…I am LIBERATED! Yet, I LOVE THE LORD TOO!

WOW!  LIBERATION! As Martha would is a “Good Thing” :o)

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