Abuse & Relationships

Don’t you just love it when you learn something new? I do!

I am a pretty optimistic person. At least I try to be in my mind. *G*

 I like to see the best in people.

This… in the past & present has gotten my heart broken. I generally wear my heart on my sleeve.  DH is just the opposite, so tends not to get hurt much in his life and relationships.  He has a real gift for discernment and is always  warning me of certain things. Do I take his warnings though? Nope! I suppose I should. Maybe This is why I get hurt so much. Life is a never ending adventure to me though… and I don’t like having any regrets. I  just choose to continue along  this journey I call life, and hopefully along the way I will be able to encourage and uplift someone in the process.

I see it as: live and learn, and then live some more, and learn some more.

One thing that I obviosuly have failed to learn is how people tick. I mean, you have 2 groups of people. Those who tick, and then tock..and then those who do nothing but tick! The tickers are the silent ones from my past expierences. They tick so much, and then every now and agian, they tock. The tock is like a sudden bomb though!  Something that no one ever truly sees coming.  This is all part of life though. No one group of people is any better then the next!

That said, there are certain types of people that you need to love from a  distance and this is ok.  Relationships are very good to have. Afterall, the Lord made us as social beings. This said, we have to be very careful that we do not fall prey to people who try to control you. Or, pretend to be someone they are not.

There is really no valid reason why anyone should keep themself in any abusive relationship. Whether it be, emotional abuse or physical abuse.

If you, or someone you know is in an abusive relationship you need to tell them to GET OUT PRONTO! Help them any way you are capable of doing. Do not cover up for them. This will not be helpful. They may get mad at you. Especialy if they are in a controlling captive relationship. Just think of all the kids who get kidnapped and never try to escape. They end up loving, and remain faithful to their captives. This is very sad, but it happens more times then not.  Abuse often times happens right at home. You can have a abusivie parent, or even husband. Children can also abuse each other. Pray to have discernment in these areas. And remember, there is never any worthwhile reason to “cover up” abuse.



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