Shag Bandzs? Otherwise known as Silly Bandz & Zandy Bands!

Have these little rubber band type bracelets taken over America, or what??




Many schools have already banned them from the classrooms. They look, and feel like a rubber band when worn on your wrist, but when you take them off and lay them down on a flat surface, they appear in their fun shape. They are  made of silicone.  On a dangerous note…You can flick them, just  like rubber bands, some have even had to be hospitalized for getting flicked in the eye with one. Then there are some kids coming down with rashes from them. Ouch!






Some students have also  had to be sent to the school nurse for having their circulation cut off. Much like the (slap it bracelets*BELOW*) that were all the rage in 1992.








Bracelets in general are quiet fascinating to me. I really do love them. Currently owning about 30. Wooden, Bangles, and glass beaded ones are currently my favorite.

I started off in the early 80’s making and collecting braided friendship bracelets. My friends and I would go to K-mart, buy a bunch of embroidery floss, sit for hours on end. Some of my friends would macrame them. I only knew how to braid them though.
Next came the plastic slinky type bracelets in fun neon colors. I remember standing in front of my school, and in the hallways trading these bracelets with my friends. I once had 50 of them. The white ones were my favorite. They were only plastic, and if you stretched them too much, they were ruin. Then came the jelly-glitter filled ones, and the plain rubber jelly ones.

Kids will forever be crazy over bracelets, some adults too!! :oS

Let us walk down memory lane….





































I do not recall any of these bracelets getting banned at my school, except the slap its. They too, were having circulation issues. That, and they were a distractions I remember the teachers saying. I did not agree then, but do now.
SO, how has fad bracelets evolved, you ask??

SILLY BANDZ & Zandy Bands of course!!!

They are all the rage! Popular with the Girls and even the Boys!
There is even a Facebook page for them that has over 83,000 fans already.

The appeal of silly bandz, are that they are affordable, collectible and trade-able with kids.
They are brite and cheerful, come in a wide range of neon colors, and have the most coolest shapes. What more can a kid ask for?

The electric guitar,Gecko,dollar sign,dragon and the penguin  seem to currently be the most sought after ones by the boys.

Girls are after the princess ones of course!

As far as packs and themes go, the Tie-Dye Hippy pack seems to also be quite rare.

Next comes the scented and the glow in the dark ones. Glitter ones also just came out recently, and are flying off the shelves. One company called, (Crazy Bands) have even put out a generic  type silly bandz. They are thinner though, and do get stretched out more easily.  The authentic ones are sold at Hallmark for five dollars. They come in bags of 24 & 36. Major Toy Stores and Drug stores also carry them. I have also seen them at some grocery stores for only $3.99.  As they become even more popular, (if that is possible), they will be sold everywhere. Keep in mind though, the Generic ones do not hold their shape very well, and are tighter in fit.


Christians have also been able to profit on this new fad by putting out their own more “Christiany” type of silly bandz. Their shapes are solely cross’s, bibles, hearts, fish, doves,and the alike. I guess it is a profitable business all the way around!








Originally, these bracelets were designed in Japan by a man who wanted to stop people from throwing out rubber bands. He created these environmentally friendly animal designs hoping that people would recycle  rubber-bands instead of tossing them in the trash. 


Before long, they were discovered by Robert Croak, and he had them turned into the Silly Bandz Revolution!!!  He never actually did any advertising at all for them, which is very interesting. It was all through word of mouth, Twitter, Facebook,My-space, and email. 

NEWS ALERT: Silly Bandz may soon be larger than life. Macy’s may add a Silly Bandz float to its Thanksgiving Day parade this year.

How long will this mega Silly Bandz bracelet FAD last, one might ask?

Well, rumor has it…until they either get recalled for good, or adults start wearing them..then they will become an UN-cool thing to wear. lol
I’ll be honest,  I only heard of Silly Bandz a couple weeks ago. My daughter was with a group of girls, and one asked her, where  her silly bandz were? My daughter asked the girl, what are silly bandz, and the girl  showed her a bunch of 50 or so, that were hooked  on the girls belt loop of her blue jeans. The girl was shocked that my daughter did not have any, and gave her 3 of them. She  explained to my daughter that as you collect them, and get doubles and you trade them with other girls. This is how my daughter explained it to me. :o)~
This got me Googling that night and researching their history!

 Simply Amazing!

On the down side, these bracelets supposedly are signifying sex acts within some teen circles at school. You can read more on that, here.


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