The Patriarchal Movement









The Patriarchal Cross

This was quoted recently to me regarding the Patriarchal movement.


Since my family has left this movement, these are some of the things that now seem rather ironic to me…

-If you gain weight, you aren’t caring for your husband’s visual/sexual ‘needs’
-If you try to lose weight, you’re expressing  pure vanity

-If you buy your kids new clothes, you’re wasting your husband’s hard earned money, you should be sewing their clothing from recycled sheets!
-If you don’t buy them new clothes, you’re a bad witness and do not care about them.

-If you make every meal from scratch, you’re focusing on ‘works’ not ‘grace’
-If you don’t, you’re not a  true Proverbs 31 wife

-If you have an opinion and voice it, you’re  too domineering, and a feminist
-If you don’t, you’re not ‘supporting’ your husband and are a door mat

-If you like to socialize with other women, you’re a pure gossip
-If you like to socialize with men, you’re a pure harlot homewrecker
-If you don’t like to socialize, you’re unfeminine, as well as rude, and do not know anything  about true hospitality.

-If you dress modestly, you’re denying your husband his natural attraction to you and are nothing more then a frumpy has been… of a house wife.
-If you don’t dress modestly, you’re  a trashy worldly whore!

-If you read Above Rubies, etc., you’re wasting your time when you should be serving your family, not spending so much time reading.
-If you don’t, you have no idea how to serve your family in a Godly fashion.

Hmmm, very interesting… If I had read this a couple years ago..I would have rolled my eyes, but since the Lord has now OPENED my eyes..I find these things to be very good things. Good food for thought.

The question is…Where is the Grace?

There are so many Christians who simply do not understand what Grace means. For them, I would say..Ask the Messiah..Ask him what it is about him that you do not understand  what True Grace is. Christ did it all folks!

He paid the price!

Why are we still placing restrictions on our lives to illuminate our self rightous attitudes?  We try so hard to shelter ourselves from this evil world..forgetting the first part of John 3:16….((((FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD))))
After battling this for the past decade, I am so blessed to have a clearer understanding on this. YES! There is a middle ground! Praise the King, he is Worthy to be PRAISED!!


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