Some of my NEW favorite things

This is just a fun sort of post about a few things that have been my favorite products this year.

Organics Olive Oil Hair polish-A Walmart Find-

This is made for African-American  hair. The brand is African Pride, but I love to use this line of products!  They make shampoo & conditioner too. This  is a very sheen mist, which makes your hair feel and look like silk. It is only $3.00.

Bath & Body Works Tutti Dolci body lotion

My daughters fight me for this one! It smells so delish!

Bath & Body Works Butterfly Flower perfume & lotion

I love Bath & Body works. I know it is losing its popularity lately, because LUSH has taken over the beauty world!! But, I am still an old school kinda gal! (I never pay retail though.)

Swansons Coconut Oil

I LOVE coconut oil. I use it to cook with instead of the more unhealthier oils, but lately, I have been using it for scrapes, bites,stings,sunscreen, hair, face, feet, and anything else that I find it is good for. It is important to use a UN-processed one to get all the medical properties that it generously gives you. Coconut oil, if it is a good unprocessed one, will smell very powerful. Like a just cut open coconut.  If there is no smell, it has been bleached, and processed. I have tried many, and for the price and quality, you just can not beat Swansons one.

Mac concealer which is the best on the market IMHO

I have tried so many concealers through-out the years, and they always look like you are trying to cover something up. Very UN-natural. A friend recommended me to try one of Macs concealers, and I will never go back to any other. This is the color NC20. It is for yellow toned skin, not rosy. Rosy skin tones have their own color number combos.

Sallys Insta-Dri nail Polish & Watermelon Lip Gloss

I got these both from Walgreens. The polishs were BOGO. I have been hunting all summer long for a coral, that was not too orangy. I just found this one a couple weeks ago, and it is so pretty on!  The Lip shine is by Jordonna, and  always $1.49 retail. Very summery and sheer, and the best part is that it smells like fresh cut watermelon! YUM!

Dr. Bronners Lavender Soap

This has been my favorite for the past 5 years. It is good for your teeth,bath,shower,laundry,dishes. You can even do a dry bath with it if you live where there is no running water. It does not sudse at all. It is made with cleansing oils only. It smells as if you just entered a Lavender meadow! I buy it from a website called Swansons. They do sell it at Target and Whole Foods , but it is double the price.

Speaks for itself-have been using for 6 weeks now

I was looking for something that would help heal some split-ends and help with hair growth.

I noticed this was BOGO free a while back, so decided to give it a try. It was real cheaop, so was not too much of an investment. Oh my! Imagine my surprise when I actaully started noticing that my nails were growing twice as fast, my face was looking more clearer, and my hair looked some how thicker, with lots more wave and body. It took about 10 days before I started noticing the effects. I will continue to use it. The main ingredient in it is MSM, and we all know how good that supplement is for us! Thumbs up , for this great product!


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