Walmart-Asking to see your sales slip~NOT!

Most folks do not know that this is purely voluntary. We were stopped the other day, and asked for our sales receipt  as if we were some kind of criminals..We had just bought a big box of diapers and a bunch of other stuff and were stopped.. as we reached the door. We knew our rights on this, and Dh told them no thank you.

Sure, it only takes a second, but why cave in and diminish your rights is the point in question.  Enough of our rights have been taken away! 
The manager  &  head security came, along with  3 others.. My husband told them the same thing when they asked to see our sales slip. No thank you.

The manager told us that we would have to wait for a veryyyyyyy long time if we do not show him our sales slip, that he would have to go check all the camera tapes, to see if he saw us in the line paying for the box of diapers…Dh said sure, no problem. We had the time….a slight protest if you will.

As we waited, we chatted with the lady who originally stopped us to ask for our sales slip….Dh educated her on this matter, and she said that it was just company policy to ask for it..That she meant no harm to us. Dh told her that is fine and that we were just trying to stand up for our rights, as customers.

Dh  kindly told her that their company policy doesn’t mean anything to us, after all, we are NOT employed by Walmart…those policies are solely for them, NOT US!

So, 15-20 mins later (NOT  hours on end like we were scared into thinking it would be.) The manager & security  came back  and told us that we may leave…

Here is the kicker:

The lady who we were talking with then looked at her manager..and questioned him, asking, “So they are free to go??”

Then the manager tells her, they were ALWAYS free to go….we are not really suppose to be holding them here, they stayed VOLUNTARILY!!!!! OMG! Was this true?

During all this, my husband was using his cell phone, recording this and the security men got really angry, and told my husband that in this state, you are not allowed to record anyone without their permission….This was interesting given that right above us, was THEIR video camera recording us!!
Oh my gosh! More learning to do!!!

Just thought to pass it on…

In those 15-20 mins, that we were waiting for the manager and head security, we noticed that the only people she was asking for the sales slips were from were the blacks and Hispanics… And some of these folks even had their stuff in bags, and were still be stopped and questions!!! We were in the city, but still. Not Cool!

Another wally world expierence here.


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