Community~The Lost Art~ Part 2

I left off discussing real friendships…real community among individuals, and why it has s ceased…Or has it?


Today’s  media exposes us  to more of the  happenings of our country and world around us, and Just because we didn’t hear all the juicy details in the 50’s, didn’t mean it didn’t exist, because it certainly did, maybe more so even. It goes right back to the Old Testament. Nothing really has changed much, except that we have the media today, exposing us to every ones dirty laundry 24/7. Is it beneficial though? That is another question.

SO- Due to the fact I was not born anywhere around the 1950’s.  I decided to ask my mom a few personal questions about her own memories as a child. (she was born in 1950) She verified that this community of the “Jane Cleaver” life, was indeed, an illusion. She lived in a pretty populated neighborhood and had many friends. She could not recall any “Leave It to Beaver” type families.

That said,

I was a bit shattered to have found out some really dark details about the life my Grandmother (my moms mother) lived, which was a far cry from the illusion of  Jane Cleavers life. Bad things happened in ladies life, but no one cared. It was not discussed or talked about with anyone. You just delt with it.

I suppose shows like, Leave it to Beaver, Father knows Best, and Patty Duke.. were to keep ladies chugging along their tormented lives, and somehow  forcing them to “try harder”.

One might see the similarities in today’s reality TV programs, such as “The Duggers”, or “Born to Breed” and similar such programs that Glamorize extra-Large Families.

But are these type of shows a Reality? Or, are they just more Media ploys to keep the extra large families chugging along?

That is the Question….


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