Community~The Loss Art Part 3 of 5

Part 3 of 5

 I just got some more thoughts from someone else… on why community does not exist any more.
1.~Visiting with neighbors was killed by two inventions: the air conditioner and the garage. (This is not my opinion, it was just shared with me.) I am willing to entertain this idea though.

 Before AC, people sat on their porches. Before the invention of attached garages, you would be on your porch in the evening, and actually speak to your neighbor parking his car in the driveway next door. Just a simple hey neighbor..How have you been? These little conversations can really make the difference in somebodies life. I mean, what if that neighbor was coming home to commit sucide. And don’t think~ Yeah right! Because I have known several people IRL who have been that lonely and have contemplated taking their life. We need to reach out to EVERYONE! Love them!! Truely & Honestly!

After AC, people started staying inside to watch TV in their AC comfort, and with attached garages, even if you were still sitting on your front porch your neighbor would never know. He’d just drive into the garage/house, put down the door, and never see you at all. :o(

(If this stuff is not important to you, it should be. People should be important to us. The most important actually….)

~God Loves People more then Anything~


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