Mine is better than yours!


Some of you may not be able to relate to what I am about to share with you. If you are a SAHM, who home-schools her children, is rather old school in your ways…You will know exactly what I am talking about..and may even be able to relate to some degree..

It has been a while since this has happened..A few months at best..

What is it, might you ask?


It is…

My kids are better than your kids…
My husband is smarter & more holier than your husband….
My church is better than your church…
My education is better than your education…
My cooking is better than your cooking…
My sewing is better than your sewing…
My homestead is better than your homestead..

The list can actually go on and on..You hopefully can get the idea here, and being the optimistic person that I am truly trying to be..I will assume that these group of ladies, have no idea the game that they play with one another.

That said, tonight was no exception, and being the human that I am…I fell prey to the game once more! DANG!! How I hate this game, and never set out to play it, but end up taking the bait & sinker, each and every time.

~I ran into a lady-friend at the libray tonight. She was a member of a church that I use to belong to. She’s Quiverful,home-schools,home births, KJV only…the whole shabang!

The conversation started off good, How have you been, yada, yada, yada…What church do you belong too nowadays? Are you still homeschooling? How many MORE children have you birthed since I last saw you? You know, The Basic interrogation!

Then, without warning…While in the library bathroom no less, in the stalls…The first statement arrived…

Her:I do not know what I’d do without my oldest daughter to help me run things.She is a Gem!
Me: Yeah, I know what you mean.
Her: My daughter can run a whole household, and knows so much.
Me: Yeah, I know what you mean.
Her: My daughter helps out with the little ones so much!! She’s going to make a fine wife and mother.
Me:Yeah, so does my oldest daughter…She helps out a whole lot too.
Her: Yes indeed, She can manage her own and knows how to get it all done!
Me: Yep, so can my oldest. I try to tell her every day, how wonderful &  helpful she is to me. A true blessing from above!
Her: Silence
~We finished up in there with ROUND ONE..and headed for the parking lot while all the kids played.

Her:You really should visit our church. This new church really tells it like it is, no frills preaching. It is a Holiness Pentecostal. We are glad to be out of that  Baptist church.

Me: That’s nice, but we have no plans to ever go back to a mainstream church, and given that we home-school, it only makes sense to home church too..but not in a service sort of way. For us, it’s about Relationships, NOT Religion.

Her: Yeah, well we had a revival last week that would have knocked your socks off.
Me: That’s nice.
Her:Our preacher went to the vintage schooling. He’s very biblical in his teaching.Knows Gods word inside and out.
Me:I am sure he does. That’s  nice that you have found a place that you enjoy so much.
Her:Our preacher knows the bible better then anyone, well, except maybe my husband. My husband was raised in church, from knee high!
Me: Yeah, My husband knows his bible real well too. He went to bible school back home.
Her: Bible school? My husband is ordained. He can be a preacher himself if he wanted too.
Me: That’s great!
Her: Not only that, BOTH my husbands parents are preachers!!!
Me: Both? Does this mean they both go to different churches?
Her: Well yes, they both know the bible real well, but I am well aware that women have no business preaching Gods word, or teaching for that matter. I mean teaching  the men folk!
Me:Yeah, of course “ALL have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God” All, means everyone! Even the preachers…as I am sure you realize..

Her: We are all sinners.
Me: yep!


Her: Do you do anything crafty?
Me: Yes, I enjoy scrap-booking &  beading.
Her:No, I mean Crafty, like making your own soaps and stuff.
Me: OH, yes, I know how to make my own soaps. I also make my own laundry detergent, dish soap, and toothpaste!
Her:Oh yeah, well I know how to sew, I even know how to make PUFFY SLEEVES!!!!!
Me: WOW! Puffy sleeves?
Her: Yes, I know how to make those there puffy sleeves.
Her: I just wish I had more time to sew. I am very busy all day homeschooling, and when my husband comes home, he needs me.There is just no time to relax.
Me: Oh, Does your husband have a 9-5 job?
Her:No, he works from 6am to 6pm. He is a very hard working man!
Me: Wow, that does not leave too much family time I suppose.
Her:Oh, don’t hear me wrong, My husband does family devotions 7 days a week with all of our kids! Wakes’em up at the crack of dawn BEFORE work, and then again at 1am!

Me: 1am? Like in the night time??
Her: Yes, 1am. He is a man of God after all, and we start at 8pm, but my man can preach the word, and my kids know it!!!
Me: WOW! That is allot of bible time.
Her:Oh? Maybe you would like to join us, now that I know where you live, you are so close!
Me: Join you? Like at 1am you mean?
Her: Oh no, My husband leads a 3 hour service from our home Friday evenings. Many people come over, you can come too!
Me:Lets exchange emails
Her: Emails? The computer is so worldly. My husband does not allow the Internet to be inside the home.

Her:Let me have your cell phone number, I’ll call you.
Me:Oh, I do not have a cell phone, never have, never will! They are wayyyyy to worldly!! *Insert laugh out loud*
Her: *laughing at me laughing* Your too funny, but seriously, what is your cell number?

Me: Seriously, I do not have one..They are wayyyyy too worldly!!
Her: Oh, OK! Ummmmm….*period of silence*
Me: You know I am just kidding right? I don’t have a cell, but here is my land-line number. My husband has a cell though. I am just teasing you. I think it is funny that we all pick and choose what things are worldly, and what things are not.

Her: Oh, OK..Yes, your right about that. My husband is just very conservative. A wonderful man of God! I see nothing wrong with lots of things. I mean, I know we are not suppose to cut our hair, wear pants, or have piercings & tattoos..But some things I’m ok with, but because my husband is the head over me, I must obey him. You get what I am saying?
Me: Yes, I know exactly what you are saying.
Her: OK then, I can’t believe we have been talking in the parking lot for the past 2 hours…We will have to hook up, my kids could really use the fellowship, and your kids are very well mannered and behaved.
Me: Thank you, so are yours…*Then my son runs over crying, telling me that one of HER kids punched him*
Me:OH MY! *hugging my son*
Her:Get over here Missy! Go tell him you are very sorry for hitting him, and make sure you hug him!!! And after your done, get your rear back over here, for a good lickin!!
Me:Oh, I am sure it will be OK.
Her:I have no idea why she keeps hitting everyone! *Then she gives the little girl 3 good swats on her bare leg!*
Me:*silently thinking*…Ummmm, yeah, wonder why your kid keeps hitting?*

Her:So anyways, Do you do any canning?
Me: Some, it is not my favorite thing to do, I prefer dehydrating stuff.

Her: Oh, I freeze sooooo much food. We do allot of stock piling too. We need to be prepared!
Me:Yep, us too. The day is coming..
Her: I am very wise with my husbands earnings…I know how to be thrifty too!
Me: That’s nice, good for you!!
Her: OK, so we need to get going, see you soon….


Me:WAIT!! I forgot to ask ya…..

Her: What is it dear??

Her: As in flour?
Me: “Yes, of course! As in Flour..Do you grind your own Wheat berries?
Her:No, can’t ever say I have ever dun that before…
Me: Well I do!!!!!!!!! And I make fresh baked bread EVERY DAY!
Her:Oh, wow!  & Waves good-bye….I’ll call you so we can chat some more..Good seeing you!!!
 Her Husband: Did she just say she grinds her own wheat, as in flour?? YOU SHOULD BE DOING THAT!!

ME:*silently thinking*
SO THERE!!!! I grind my own wheat, and you do not!!!


WHY?? Why must I cave in, and play this  game?

One of these days I tell ya…I am gonna be above it!!!!

PS- But really lady, don’t ya know, that if ya don’t grind your own wheat..your nuttin!!
~Kidding of course~ Well, 1/2 kidding! :o)~~

So there you have it…For some insane reason, we are lured into game playing! I hate game playing so much. I just want to take people at face value, but I have got suckered into playing these games that I never signed up for!

I often wonder if guys play them too, maybe  without even realizing it. I mean…let us play this out a bit..just to see how it may sound…..*G*


Guy #1-Yep, just got myself a new pick-up!

Guy#2-Don’t say

Guy#1-Yep, got myself a 2010 Ford Lariat!!! Completly loaded!

Guy#2-Yeah, I am gettin ready to get myself a new boat for the fishing trip.

Guy#1-Yeah, Got myself a new boat just last month. Forgot to mention.. It is a Z520 Comanche!!!

Guy#2-Wow! Bet that’s a beauty! We will have to take her out sometime!

Guy#1-Sure, we can do that. Been busy trying to get things going at home. Getting ready to build a coop today!

Guy#2-Yeah, I remember those days. Glad I have 3 coops that I don’t have to worry about any time soon. Been Blessed, Very blessed!!!

Guy#1-Figured can’t be too hard, afterall-I built the wife a house!!!

Guy#2-Don’t say-had no idea that you built ur little house!

Guy#1-Yeah, Built the house, garage, the 2 outbuildings, and the shed!!!!Just need to get a coop up and running! Hate having so much DEPT’ though!


Guy#1-SO what have you been up too?

Guy#2-Just workin out some things. It was good running into you.

Guy#1-Yeah, same here-Need to go get started on that coop!

Guy#2-Dude wait!!


Guy#2-Forgot to give you my card…. Just bought a development over on 5th street. getting ready to open my own bussiness (DEPT FREE). Will be nice to not have to work for anyone anymore. Got myself 30 contracts already lined up!  Maybe some day, you’ll have something to call your own too!  Have a Good one!!!

Guy#1-*feeling rather hopeless all of the sudden*

Heading to Home Depo for the materials for the coop–whipping out his 1 of 8 credit cards!! Hoping to have enough funds to get all that is needed….

I don’t know if this would, or if it does happen. I have heard men brag about what guns they have, how much they spent for them, etc….so maybe it happens with everyone, regardless…



And you know-it starts young–

Disclaimer:Please don’t take any offence over this blog entry. It was merely for fun, and for a good Laugh!


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