Cat-Poo Coffee, and Coffee in General


Y’all know I *Heart* my coffee just as much as the next girl. I even prefer expensive coffee , and am called a coffee snob. Yes, I  go to Starbucks  and Brew Nerds is my favorite place to relax  with a good Brew. They also have a great place outside for the kids to play, and a beautiful water fountain.

Back home I only drank Dunkin Donuts coffee.  I think that was the only place to go where we lived. They had Starbucks, but it was really far. So every Sunday, we’d go out for a treat before church and get our Dunkin Donuts coffees. :o)

I will drink the cheap stuff,  if that is all there is…Folgers,Maxwell House,Clock’full of beans, or is that nuts, and the alike.

 Afterall, it is just as much “the company” in which you share the coffee with. I tell ya, I have had some nasty coffee in my day, but with good company sipping it along with ya, it taste like liquid Gold! Perhaps this falls under the social aspect of it. Sharing coffee with a friend, just feels right.

My family has been though 8 coffee makers in the past decade. We  currently are using the Hamilton Beach coffee maker, which looks like this. There is a more expensive model then this one that has a coffee filter, and grinder built in. We use to have that model before we got this one, which can be bought on sale for as little as $30.00

We ALSO have a cheap back up, which is a simple French Press.  You never know if a storm is going to make your power go out. You do not want to find yourself without a fresh cup of brew!  

  My husband is yearning for a coffee house-coffee maker.

 I just can not see spending several hundred dollers on one though. I suppose, if I did the math on how much we spend a year on coffee out, we might as well splurge and buy one. It might be seen as an investment. Of course, I’d pull my hair out if it ever broke!

Moving right along….

We went to Starbucks the other night and two coffees came to $6.65. This was actually cheap, because normally it is just under ten dollars for the two. We get the largest size they offer.

I got a simple  ice coffee, and hubby got a basic Caffe Latte, which he wasn’t crazy about.  I ran in, and was trying to be frugal. As frugal as one could be at Starbucks.

So what if we had a pricy coffee maker at home??  Would this mean we would never treat ourselves to a brew while out and about? I just do not think so. It is fun to go out and have a little treat. While other go to the movies, out to dinner,etc. We go out for coffee!

So where else do we get coffee from?

There is  a Gas station called Sheetz that has a coffee card which is kind of nice. It allows you to get .50 cents off every 2 coffees, and the 10th one is free.  We try to utalize this several time a month too.

Coffee can be a real cheap habit, if you only make it at home and do not have to have cream, raw sugar, etc. OR, it could be  a pricy habit.

The most expensive coffee going right now is over three hundred dollars a POUND! Ringing in at $30 bucks a the new cat-poo coffee.  Otherwise known as….Kopi Luwak. An animal called a Palm Civet eats the coffee berries and then poops then out. They are then hand sifted and turned into the world’s most expensive coffee. People say that if you like a good Columbian coffee, then this would be the coffee for you. It is said to be Bold, and Robust, with a slight Earthy taste.


Would I be daring enough to try this pricy brew?  Probably not.  I will keep my coffee snobbery solely to my bean of choice…The Kona Bean. To me, there is nothing better then Hawaiian Kona Coffee. It is very smooth, and really wakes ya up!

So there you have it… Are you a Coffee Snob? If so, which is your coffee of choice?

Here is the youtube video about the cat poo coffee.

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