Community/Friendships~The loss art 5 of 5

This is the last installment of this series.

I wanted to add a conclusion on, outgrowing friendships.

 As stated, friendships and community is important, but what about the people that the Lord places in our lives, only for a season.

One person I talked with, said that, there is simply no need for community any more because we have all the connection that we can possibly want on-line. This, and we have cell phones, and texting now. We are so plugged in, that we do not have that “inner desire” for human contact, and face to face community.
Hmmm, I slept on that one, and it really does make a whole lot of sense.
 Listening to the average person who has, and partakes in all these things….I can see where one would feel completely exhausted by the time they hit the sack.

Apparently, some folks wake up by the sound of their cell phone ringing, no, not the alarm, but phone call ringing at the crack of dawn…


They hop in the shower, come out to find that they missed 3 calls and a couple of text messages. They return them on their way to school, or work.
During their work, they have an open window of social networks open. They run outside, or in the bathroom for a quick phone call. They leave work, or school.. a friend wants to have coffee..but there is just no time.

They go through a drive through to order up dinner, returning 2 more missed cell phone calls, trying to text one back at the red light.

Come home, listen to the kids talk about their day….walk over to the PC, or better yet, head in their bedroom with their laptop, check email, which is soooooo old fashion now adays! lol Log onto a social network, read about the lives and headers of their 100+ friends. Send out a few wall posts, glance over their personal messages that they have received during the day, but there is no time to answer them or reply to them because the little window on the social networking site keeps popping up with numerous friends wanting to chat.

Wanna Chat?

Then.. just as you are considering to write a blog, you hear that dreadful sound..what is that sound???? Oh, it is the HOME PHONE!! OMGOSH, why is that old thing bothering me?

Doesn’t whoever is trying to call me, have my email, or better yet, aren’t they one of my friends on my social network?

What is a girl to do?
Well, for me…I UNPLUGGED! I needed a time to just do one thing, and one thing only. Lately, that one thing has been blogging, as I try to deprogram everything else.

This started plugging away at me a couple months ago.  I started thinking about my friends. How is it that I have about 6 IRL friends, and over 20 on-line, whom I never met?

I do not want IRL opportunities to pass me by any longer.

Shaking head no!

When you come to this realization, that you talk more to people whom you have never met, then the community all around you..then there is a slight problem.
Maybe some people are loving these new distant friendships..but not me.

The next issues, regarding community and friendships, that were brought up in a recent discussion were..

Is it possible to outgrow a friendship?

My answer is YES!

Being a believer, I do believe that the Lord places “seasonal friendships” in our paths.

Whether it be, a confidaunt’ that you desperately need at a particular time in your life, or a seasonal friend that is more of a guardian angel…

These friendships are real, and they do happen..but they also cease…
But what about friends that you just out grow, one person asked me…

1.~What about the co-worker that you  always had lunch with?  Maybe she  quits and you really have nothing in common with her anymore, but she is still calling you to get together for lunch?


2. What about the co-worker that got pregnant and quit her job to be a full time mommy. Maybe you are forever single, and feel as if you have no common interest anymore..
What do you do?


You get the picture…

For  me, if a friendship is a seasonal one, it will just dissolve naturally. (And YES, I think seasonal friendships are VERY hard to handle!)

I find, in most situations, You will never have to tell someone that the friendship was seasonal..  That would be awkard. Right?

It will just happen, organically.


Other reasons why some friendships may cease, may be, but not limited too:

1. You just do not have anything at all in common anymore.

 2. Your friend moves away.

3. Your co-worker left the job. 

4.  You just need a break from the drama…

But all in all…For every door that closes…a new one is sure to open!


For every door that closes, a new one opens...

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