This past Friday while moving a heavy dresser I hurt my back. I was immobile in bed up until today. I could not take the pain any longer and went to the doctors for an x-ray. It turned out that I sprained my lumbar, and ripped a tendon. I should be back to normal in 3-4 weeks the doctor said. I have no idea how I am suppose to run a household being immobile that long. I am thankful that my two oldest daughters are willing to help out in this area. I am also grateful that I could give them some time off from school to be able to help run the household. 

It is times like these that really make me realise what a gift from the Lord walking really is. To be able to walk without help, and jump out of bed to answer the phone or door, will forever have new meaning to me.

 UPDATE: Thank you to all my dear friends who have lifted me in prayer. I feel your prayers and have been able to get up and walk around the house today.Thank you so much for anyone who has been praying for me.


Somebody elses life….

Do you ever feel like you are living somebody elses life?

It’s a mind trip. Your life seems to evolve into something that you did not see coming. For me, allot has to do with our move down here.

I have no idea what I thought my life was going to resemble. But I do know that it is not at all what I imagined. Being the only girl in the family, I was pretty spoiled. This could have been the problem. I do not recall ever wanting something that I didn’t get. Maybe this made me a brat. I try not to always shift the blame on the upbringing, but sometimes it is hard not too.

I rebelled  terribly as a teen. This is why I moved out of the house right before my 16th birthday.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever guessed I’d end up living a country girl life style. In fact, the relationship that I was in BEFORE  I met  my husband was ended because  he (my bf) told me that he wanted to buy a farm, have lots of animals, hunt, and collect guns for the fun of it. 😱

Not at all what I wanted for myself, so the guy married my best friend!   *G*

I was a  pretty die hard liberal at the time.  I also thought that unless you were an officer, you had no bussiness even owning a gun.


It’s so hard to move from state to state.  Do I really want to do this the rest of my life? I have done it most my life. I was born in Florida. Then I moved to Arizona for 5 years. Then I moved back to Florida, and then to Connecticut.

Then went back to Florida when I was 15,back to Connecticut when I was 17, back to Florida when I was 21, then back to Connecticut when I was 22…And then I met my husband. Makes my head spin! We married within a few months after meeting. Yikes!

Then we moved up to  Massachusetts because it was cheaper to live. Then after size years, we moved down here. (North Carolina)

So you see, I REALLY do want to lay down some roots and stay put some place..I do!!

But Where?? 

Apples,Bananas & Grapes OH MY!!!

Yesterday my daughter and I tackled some kitchen duties. We were blessed with a case of baby grapes. These are supurb for juicing, making jellies & jams, and turning into rasins.

24 containers of baby grapes


Yes, left the foam in. We like the fiber!

Freezer jam that my daughter made.

Washed baby grapes ready to dehydrate

24 hours later-Healthy Rasins.


We also were blessed with about 30 loaves of bread. We made bread pudding,bread crumbs and croutons.

30 loaves of french & Italian bread


All cut up & seasoned

Fresh from the oven

Stored in a gallon size zip-lock

Hubbys favorite-rasin/apple bread pudding~Crock Pot Style!


These next few pictures are from last weekend.

3 bushels of apples & a whole lot of bananas

Dehydrated bananas


We made several gallons of cider from the apples, along with apple sauce,apple cobbler, apple crisp, apple pancakes,caramel apples, and dehydrated apples. Needless too say, we are plum tired pf apples! Oh plums! Don’t get me started on them! PLEASE! :o)~

Apple Crisp

Apple Crisp

Guess it was a hit!

Would ya like some?

Enjoying a apple!

Trying to peel the last of the apples.


So there you have it….Happy Times!!!

REVIEW: AVON Planet Spa Palm Desert Rose Clay Facial Cleanser


Beauty Review of:


Planet Spa Palm Desert Rose Clay Facial Cleanser

Planet Spa Palm Desert Rose Clay Facial Cleanser

I got a great deal on some Avon products the other day, this being one of them. I am usually picky about what I put on my face.

This stuff is Amazing. It smells like a rose! It has a creamy clay texture, which comes in a tube. What’s more-IT WORKS!
The difference with this cleanser and every other face cleanser on the market is, this cleanser leaves your face with that  real squeaky clean feeling, but it also feels very moisturizing. I have used it 5x so far. I have never used a cleanser that made my face so squeaky. This may, or may not be a good thing for people with dry skin. For me, I still have teenage skin! Ugh! You’d think I would have been over that by now. It really sinks down to your pores and removes all the sebum, oils, etc. Strips it all away. After you dry your face, it feel so amazingly soft, yet moisturizing, in a not oily way.  I am assuming this feeling is the Rose, and Moroccan oil in it.

On the back of the tube:
PLANET SPA Palm Desert Rose Clay Facial Cleanser is like finding a sanctuary for the mind, body and soul with Palm Desert Rose. These rejuvenating products – infused with soothing Rose Otto Oil – tone, nourish and hydrate your skin. Emerge from a relaxing at-home spa experience with a sense of harmony, balance and total well-being. Tightens and visibly reduces the size of pores.

Quick & Easy 2 day CITRUS DETOX

For those of you wanting to do a quick and easy fast, this is the detox for you. It really gives your digestive system a chance to relax too.

Citrus Detox

What You Will Need For The Two Days:

48 oz. 100% grapefruit juice
32 oz. 100% orange juice
16 oz.  lemon juice
160 oz. distilled water
 1 gal. jug for mixing

What To Do:

Mix together for each gallon:

24 oz.  grapefruit juice,
16 oz.  orange juice,
8 oz.  lemon juice
80 oz. distilled water

This is very good, and very doable. Drink 8 oz. every hour, under the whole gallon is gone. Remember No food. If you find yourself hungry, nibble on some grapes, a pear or  apple. Nothing starchy like bananas though. Keep it clean.

High Fructose Corn Syrup may change its name

I just came across something very intresting. Something everyone should be aware of.


The makers of high fructose corn syrup want to sweeten up its image
with a new name: corn sugar.

The bid to rename the sweetener by the Corn Refiners Association comes
as Americans’ concerns about health and obesity have sent consumption
of high fructose corn syrup to a 20-year low.

The group plans to apply Tuesday (the 14th of September) to the Food and Drug Administration(FDA)
to get “corn sugar” approved as an alternative name for food labels.

Approval could take two years, but that’s not stopping the industry
from using the term now in advertising. There’s a new online marketing
campaign at http://www.cornsugar.com and on television. Two new
commercials try to alleviate shopper confusion, showing people who say
they now understand that “whether it’s corn sugar or cane sugar, your
body can’t tell the difference. Sugar is sugar.”

Renaming products has succeeded before. For example, low eurcic acid
rapeseed oil became much more popular after becoming “canola oil” in
Prunes tried to shed a stodgy image by becoming “dried plums” in

The new name would help people understand the sweetener, used most
notably in soft drinks but also in bread, cereal and other foods, and
distance it from connections to obesity, said Audrae Erickson,
president of the Washington-based group.

Some scientists have linked consumption of full-calorie soda — the
vast majority of which is sweetened with high fructose corn syrup —
to obesity.

But white sugar and high fructose corn syrup are nutritionally the same, and
there’s no evidence that the sweetener is any worse for the body than
sugar, said Michael Jacobson, executive director of the Center for
Science in the Public Interest. The bottom line is people should
consume less of all sugars, Jacobson said.

“Soda pop sweetened with sugar is every bit as conducive to obesity as
soda pop sweetened with high fructose corn syrup,” he said.

The American Medical Association says there’s not enough evidence yet
to restrict the use of high fructose corn syrup, although it wants
more research.

Still, Americans increasingly are blaming high fructose corn syrup and
avoiding it. First lady Michelle Obama has said she doesn’t want her
daughters eating it.

“Many companies are responding by removing it from their products. Last
month, Sara Lee switched to sugar in two of its breads. Gatorade,
Snapple and Hunt’s Ketchup very publicly switched to sugar in the past
two years.

The average American ate 35.7 pounds of high fructose corn syrup last
, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. That’s down 21
percent from 45.4 pounds 10 years before.

Cane and beet sugar, meanwhile, have hovered around 44 pounds per
person per year since the mid-1980s, after falling rapidly in the
1970s when high fructose corn syrup — a cheaper alternative to sugar
— gained favor with soft drink makers.

With sales falling in the U.S., the industry is growing in emerging
markets like Mexico and revenue has been steady at $3 billion to $4
billion a year, said Credit Suisse senior analyst Robert Moskow. There
are five manufacturers in the U.S.: Archer Daniels Midland Inc., Corn
Products International, Cargill, Roquette America, and Tate & Lyle.

Corn refiners say their new name better describes the sweetener.

“The name ‘corn sugar’ more accurately reflects the source of the food
(corn), identifies the basic nature of the food (a sugar), and
discloses the food’s function (a sweetener),” the petition said.

Will shoppers swallow the new name?

The public is skeptical, so the move will be met with criticism, said
Tim Calkins, a marketing professor at Kellogg School of Management at
Northwestern University.

“This isn’t all that much different from any of the negative brands
trying to embrace new brand names,” he said, adding the change is
similar to what ValuJet — whose name was tarnished by a deadly crash
in 1996 — did when it bought AirTran’s fleet and took on its name.

“They’re not saying this is a healthy vitamin, or health product,” he
said. “They’re just trying to move away from the negative


~~~~~~A   Pharmacist told me today:

High Fructose Corn Syrup is deadly to the pancreas.  The body simply cannot process it.  I avoid anything with corn syrup, HF Corn Syrup, it is more addictive than cocaine.  This is the reason why the relabeling and re-education of the masses is being done.  This stuff is addictive, and the consumer keeps coming back for more.


~Pet Peeves~Just for Fun~


I saw this on a blog a while back, so decided to give it a try. I do not know if everyone actually has 30 pet peeves, but apparently, I do. *G*

A pet peeve is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to him or her.


 EVERYONE has pet peeves. Yes, even YOU!   Everyones pet peeves will vary.  I  have been told that as you age, your pet peeves seem to diminish. Hopefully by the time I reach 50, I won’t have any. *G*

No particular order.

Cans in the cubbords that are not all facing me. (This is a common OCD one.)
Bath towels that are hung up crocked over the shower or tub.(ditto)
Dishes left in rooms, other then the kitchen.
People not taking hints. (This is a Northern/Southern thing I find.)
Emailing people, and  never hearing back from them.(No, I am not talking  about forwards.)
Rugs with lint, or animal fur on them. (I vaccume every day, sometimes twice a day.)
Wifebeaters(the white tanks that are so common down here! Just SAY NO Pleaseeee!)

Ciggerette smoke
Baseball caps.
Crumbs in the corners of the kitchen.
Chairs that are not pushed in.
Curtains that are not perfectly open, or closed  all the way.
Shoes that are not lined up in a straight row.
Fans, or lights left on when no one is in the room.
Chipped nail polish on people.
Uneven garden rows.
Unshaven faces.(Yes, I notice. SO what!)
Sink hardware that is not polished.
Anything left on the shower or tub floor. Hair,toys, etc.
Dirty cars.(Inside) (I don’t care if the outside is dirty.)
Coffee filters left in the coffee makers.(This one really nerves me out!)
Paper towels that land next to the trash can.(In public places, I always pick them up off the floor, even though I don’t work there.)
People that pressure me to change, who tell me I am too sensitive, too emotional. I just want to be me!
Nieve people
People that are NOT street smart.
Little kids hair that doesn’t look like their parents ever ran a brush through it.
People chewing loudly or grunting while eating. 

28. Predudice ( I have had to deal with this one allot.):o(

29. Religion 

30.People with a dry sense of humor.(I tend to joke allot.)

I can probably keep going, but I will stop!  I can’t believe how easy that was.

Maybe I will do a 30 things that make me happy now…This will be random, because I just thought of it..*G*


1.Fall! (This season makes me soooo happy!)

2.Freshly shampooed hair. (I love sniffing peoples hair!)

3.Lots of Books

4.Dark hair, dark eyes-Yes, married one.:o)

5.Fruit, lots of it!(Mangos & Kiwi especialy!)

6.Hawaiian kono Coffee

7.Symphony Chocolate/Almond Bars

8.Decorating Christmas trees

9.A clean house

10.Primitive/distressed stuff

11.Bees Wax and Soy Candles

12.Jasmine & Honeysuckle Anything

13. The smell of Leather

14.Long wispy  floor length skirts

15.The color Brown


17.Hanging out at hubbys work.

18.Listening to my father tell me about everyone he arrested, and why they were arrested. Yes, I know, I am weird! lol

19.Having coffee with friends.

20.Shopping with my girls.

21.Chili over rice

22.Sleeping till 10am & late nights! (doesn’t happen all the time! But love it when it does.)

23.Distilled water-I try not to drink any other, if I can help it.

24.Concerts(I love really loud music, most poeple do not know this.) *G*


26.Day dreaming(I can stay up all night daydreaming.)

27.My Pink Kitchen-Aid

28.My Blend-Tec  (That can grind up a cell phone and golf ball!!!!)

29.The Mountains(One thing I really love about my state!) *G*

30.Jesus Christ & his never ending Love, Mercy & Grace!

Peanut Butter


I have been buying Costco peanut butter for the past 2 years. I started buying it when we gave up all hydrogenated oils. My son eats PJ&J daily, so I wanted to make sure he was eating a high quality product. I tried making my own peanut butter, but it was too expensive. I do make the jelly though, not with white sugar either.*G* I get 2 great big jars of this peanut butter for six dollars. They last all month!

Organic Costco Peanut Butter  Ingredients:

Dry roasted organic peanuts and salt. (Only 2 Ingredients!)

Per 2 TBS

Calories 200

Protein 9 grams

Total Fat 16 grams

Saturated Fat 3 grams

Trans Fat 0 grams

Cholesterol 0 mg

Sodium 45 mg

Total Carbs 7 g

Dietary Fiber 2 grams

Sugars 2 grams

Jiff Creamy Peanut Butter Ingredients:


(Made with at least 7 ingredients!)

Per 2TBS

Calories 200
Protein 7 grams
Total Fat 16 grams
Saturated Fat 3 grams 
 Trans Fat 0 grams
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 150mg 
 Total Carbs 7g
Dietary Fiber 2 grams
Sugars 3 grams

Ounce for Ounce these 2 Peanut Butters look pretty similar at first glance.  The only difference is that Jif has 3 times more salt!

 The 2% or less (per serving, not jar) allows companies to post 0 trans fats as long as there is less than half a gram in a serving.  A serving is two tablespoons. Two percent would be 9 grams of trans fat per 454 gram jar. This is very intresting.

Peanuts are one of the most highly sprayed crops out there, so Organic peanut butter should be a no brainer for most!

Most peanut butters on the market are solid. Meaning, no oil on top.

A little food for thought:

If your peanut butter is solid when you put the knife in it, it has trans fat, that is why an oil that should not be solid is! 

Naturally…The oil in peanuts is monounsaturated, and diets high in this type of fat have been shown to lower levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol while preserving levels of HDL (“good”) cholesterol. Peanut oil also contains beta-sitosterol, a plant sterol that studies show can inhibit cancer growth.

When we first made the switch it took some time dealing with the oil on top of every jar. At first I would just dump it out, then I got smart and just started mixing it in. I found that this also made the peanut butter stretch a bit, and last longer. Another thing you can do for those who like a bit of crunch to their PB&J…

Grind up some peanuts in your coffee grinder or blender and mix them into your Organic natural peanut butter. It thickens it up!

So yes, that is just a little tid-bit of info regarding Organic Peanut Butter, verses the bad stuff! *G*




To treat water, follow these steps:

1.Filter the water using a piece of cloth or coffee filter to remove solid particles.

2.Bring it to a rolling boil for about one full minute.

3.Let it cool at least 30 minutes. Water must be cool or the chlorine treatment described below will be useless.

4.Add 16 drops of liquid chlorine bleach per gallon of water, or 8 drops per 2-liter bottle of water. Stir to mix. Sodium hypochlorite of the concentration of 5.25% to 6% should be the only active ingredient in the bleach. There should not be any added soap or fragrances. A major bleach manufacturer has also added Sodium Hydroxide as an active ingredient, which they state does not pose a health risk for water treatment.

5.Let stand 30 minutes.

6.If it smells of chlorine. You can use it. If it does not smell of chlorine, add 16 more drops of chlorine bleach per gallon of water (or 8 drops per 2-liter bottle of water), let stand 30 minutes, and smell it again. If it smells of chlorine, you can use it. If it does not smell of chlorine, discard it and find another source of water.



1)  Clear water is a sign of pure water. Always drain long-standing pipes for 30 seconds to one minute before drinking! I do this with water fountains too! Water in motels, etc.

2)  1 Gallon water is disinfected by 16 drops of regular household bleach (about 1/4 of a teaspoon) – double that for cloudy water. Shake gently, and let stand for 30 minutes. One teaspoon will disinfect 5 gallons.(think of your white 5 gallon pails.) Immediately after treating, water must initially have a slight smell of chlorine. If it does not – repeat the process.

3)  Household bleach is relatively harmless. The smell of chlorine is not bad: it indicates that water is treated and germ free. Once treated and disinfected, the chlorine smell will go away whith-in a few days.

4)  Regularly used water from large tanks may be treated once or twice a month with 1 Oz. bleach per 200 gallons or 5 Oz. bleach per 1000 gallons. 

5)  Long-standing water in tanks will be disinfected w/ 1 pint household bleach per 1000 gallons. (2500 gal tanks are fine with 3 pints.)  (Think of those big rain barrels.)

6)  Bleach effectively kills bacteria and viruses, stops smells and then breaks down. It’s effective germ killing alkaline property is completely neutralized very quickly. It does not stay chemically active in tanks for more than a few days. Most germs require sunlight to grow. Store water in a cool dark place.

The Belief O'Matic

I took this a very long time ago, but that was then and this is now. I decided to take it again to see. Here is what I got. You can take it here. I really have not heard of most of these and had to look them up. I am actually rather surprised at my results. :o/

If you decide to take it, comment below so I can see what ya got. :o)

1.  Orthodox Quaker (100%) 
2.  Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (83%) 
3.  Seventh Day Adventist (79%) 
4.  Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (77%) 
5.  Eastern Orthodox (72%) 
6.  Roman Catholic (72%) 
7.  Liberal Quakers (65%) 
8.  Orthodox Judaism (59%) 
9.  Hinduism (59%) 
10.  Unitarian Universalism (58%) 
11.  Islam (57%) 
12.  Baha’i Faith (55%) 
13.  Sikhism (48%) 
14.  Mahayana Buddhism (44%) 
15.  Reform Judaism (43%) 
16.  Theravada Buddhism (42%) 
17.  Jainism (42%) 
18.  Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (36%) 
19.  New Age (36%) 
20.  New Thought (36%) 
21.  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (34%) 
22.  Secular Humanism (34%) 
23.  Scientology (32%) 
24.  Jehovah’s Witness (32%) 
25.  Neo-Pagan (29%) 
26.  Nontheist (26%) 
27.  Taoism (25%)