Are you UN-helpful?

This post is not too bash anyone in particular, or make anyone feel guilty. It is just a new observation that I have recently made.

1.If someone tells you that they lost their job, do you only offer them a prayer and walk away?

2.If someone mentions to you that they have no milk, and you own a dairy farm, do you tell them that you are sorry, and not to worry, things will get better soon, but offer then no MILK!

3.If someone tells you that their garden did horrid this summer, as you are carrying on and on, about how GREAT yours did. Do you offer them anything out of love & charity?

4.If you are listening to someone tell you that they are getting ready to remodel their kitchen, and you just remodeled yours a few weeks ago, do you give them more then just advice?

5.Are you a master seamstress, and have a friend just learning how to sew, do you offer to help them, or just recommend a good self-help book? Same for cooking, canning..fill in the blank.
6.What about resources? Do you know about some cheap deals, or local deals, and when you run into your friends, you bite your tongue and hold out, and then go blog about all the great deals that you know about, but with-hold the resources. What is up with this one??

I think you get where I am going here.

I really do not know if it is the way this world has evolved, or that people all around me seem to be ( fill in the blank) . Maybe folks do not  pick up on these things anymore. I don’t know…..One thing is for sure though. I will NEVER be like anyone of them!!

UPDATE: I was just listening to the news this morning and it said that due to social networks over taking human contact, People all over the world are losing empathy. This is really something to think about.



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