Survival List

This will be an ongoing list. I am sure there is stuff that I have forgotten to add. In fact, if you can think of more things to add to it. Please comment below, so I can add them in. Please also feel free to copy and paste this list on your own blog, or send to friends. We all need to be prepared.

~ Gear~



magnesium fire starter
good sharp knife

sharpening stone
manual bean grinder
water proof matches
travel toilet
pocket knife
can opener
wool blankets
bleach to sterilize water
fire extinguishers
led flashlights
oil lamp
Duck Tape
Rat traps~just in case
Fishing Poll
Paper Products
Tarp & Rope

Refective mirror~if your on a boat
Oil Gas mixture~if your on a boat
property surveillance
crank flashlights
Rocket Stove-Lots of how-tos on youtube
night vision monocular


Israeli Civilian Gas Masks w/ Nato Filters
several dehydrators
colloidal silver
several 5 gallon pails-most grocery story bakeries will sell them to you for about a dollar.
Solar powered water pump

Tear Gas
~Medicine Cabinet~

Caffiene pills
pain reliever
Toilet paper & the homemade kind
Sanitary napkins (even for trade)
~First Aid~

Ace bandages
hydrogen peroxide
Herbs of all kinds for medicinal use-You can become the community medicine women.:o)
Several extra large bottles of hand sanitizer
celox powders for potential gunshot wounds


freeze dried #10 cans of food
Rock Salt
55 gal barrels full of water
heirloom seeds
Survival tabs
Canned Cat food-just in case
sprouting trays
katadyn water filter~Good for 13,000 gallons of drinking water~
water purrification tabs
Kelp tablets in the event of radiation-this protects the thyroid from being badly affected.
potassium iodide for radiation poisoning
Coffee & Tea-even for trade

 ~Personal Defense~

gun powder & Recipe for gun powder
plenty of Ammo
Pepper Mace
Bow & Arrows
Sling Shots


1.Preserving Food w/o Freezing or Canning by Deborah Madison
3.A good Medical book on First Aid~
4.Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse by James Rawles

5.BIBLE is Nuclear War Survival Skills, by Cresson Kearny.

 6.SAS Survival Handbook
~For Children~

Hard candies
Coloring Book & Crayons
Cloth Diapers
Identification for all your kids proving they are yours
Finger prints of all your kids & yourself

Updated: Sugar & Raw Honey

Sugar and honey are great for serious wounds.

Pack the wound with sugar, seal it with honey and wrap it. Sugar breaks down and blocks the growth of harmful bacteria while simultaneously promoting the growth of good bacteria that kills harmful bacteria (like the kind that cause gangrene and sepsis).

The honey will keep bacteria and other contaminants out. Honey never spoils, although it might crystallize. I like to always have a large jar of UNstrained raw honey in the house. We use it for insect bites,acne,facials, etc. Raw honey is rather solid, and has a layer at the top of bee pollen, wax, and the occasional bee leg or wing! :o)

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