Victorian & Colonial Style Homes

It is no secret  that my dream home has always been a Victorian style home. I have blogged about it several times in the past. Of course dreams are not really suppose to come true, so I can continue to dream. Can’t I? Of course I can. *G* I also have a love affair with Colonial style homes. It may have something to do with all the History.

I started thinking about  homes that are just so beautiful to me. Most all of them were built in the very early 1900’s. Not that I would have liked to have been around during that time frame though.

Take this one for example. It was built in 1912.

I will not say where it is located, but it is in the town that I live in. It is so charming and beautiful. I have actually been inside it once too.  The owners were having an indoor yard sale several years ago. It was not for sale back then, but it is now. It is three hundred and fifty thousand dollars. YIKES!   This is extremely high for the town in which I live.  Granted it is 4 bathrooms and 5 bedrooms, but none the less, this house  is pricey for its location.

That said..

The  homes below would only be about one  hundred thousand dollars in Pennsylvania. I find this interesting.

These are what Pennsylvania style homes look like. Stunning, yet so cheap! We were planning a move to PA, three years ago and had driven up there to house hunt a few times. I think we looked at about 12 houses. Mostly Victorian ones that I went crazy for. They never came with any land, so Dh wasn’t into any of them. *sigh*


Lastly is a New England Victorian home.   I always loved this one  back home.   Keep in mind that this house is on the market right now for 1.5 million dollars. No land, all house! 5 bedrooms, 4 baths. WOW!!

So there you have it. 3 different homes,  3  different prices….It’s all about LOCATION!!!!!


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