~Pet Peeves~Just for Fun~


I saw this on a blog a while back, so decided to give it a try. I do not know if everyone actually has 30 pet peeves, but apparently, I do. *G*

A pet peeve is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to him or her.


 EVERYONE has pet peeves. Yes, even YOU!   Everyones pet peeves will vary.  I  have been told that as you age, your pet peeves seem to diminish. Hopefully by the time I reach 50, I won’t have any. *G*

No particular order.

Cans in the cubbords that are not all facing me. (This is a common OCD one.)
Bath towels that are hung up crocked over the shower or tub.(ditto)
Dishes left in rooms, other then the kitchen.
People not taking hints. (This is a Northern/Southern thing I find.)
Emailing people, and  never hearing back from them.(No, I am not talking  about forwards.)
Rugs with lint, or animal fur on them. (I vaccume every day, sometimes twice a day.)
Wifebeaters(the white tanks that are so common down here! Just SAY NO Pleaseeee!)

Ciggerette smoke
Baseball caps.
Crumbs in the corners of the kitchen.
Chairs that are not pushed in.
Curtains that are not perfectly open, or closed  all the way.
Shoes that are not lined up in a straight row.
Fans, or lights left on when no one is in the room.
Chipped nail polish on people.
Uneven garden rows.
Unshaven faces.(Yes, I notice. SO what!)
Sink hardware that is not polished.
Anything left on the shower or tub floor. Hair,toys, etc.
Dirty cars.(Inside) (I don’t care if the outside is dirty.)
Coffee filters left in the coffee makers.(This one really nerves me out!)
Paper towels that land next to the trash can.(In public places, I always pick them up off the floor, even though I don’t work there.)
People that pressure me to change, who tell me I am too sensitive, too emotional. I just want to be me!
Nieve people
People that are NOT street smart.
Little kids hair that doesn’t look like their parents ever ran a brush through it.
People chewing loudly or grunting while eating. 

28. Predudice ( I have had to deal with this one allot.):o(

29. Religion 

30.People with a dry sense of humor.(I tend to joke allot.)

I can probably keep going, but I will stop!  I can’t believe how easy that was.

Maybe I will do a 30 things that make me happy now…This will be random, because I just thought of it..*G*


1.Fall! (This season makes me soooo happy!)

2.Freshly shampooed hair. (I love sniffing peoples hair!)

3.Lots of Books

4.Dark hair, dark eyes-Yes, married one.:o)

5.Fruit, lots of it!(Mangos & Kiwi especialy!)

6.Hawaiian kono Coffee

7.Symphony Chocolate/Almond Bars

8.Decorating Christmas trees

9.A clean house

10.Primitive/distressed stuff

11.Bees Wax and Soy Candles

12.Jasmine & Honeysuckle Anything

13. The smell of Leather

14.Long wispy  floor length skirts

15.The color Brown


17.Hanging out at hubbys work.

18.Listening to my father tell me about everyone he arrested, and why they were arrested. Yes, I know, I am weird! lol

19.Having coffee with friends.

20.Shopping with my girls.

21.Chili over rice

22.Sleeping till 10am & late nights! (doesn’t happen all the time! But love it when it does.)

23.Distilled water-I try not to drink any other, if I can help it.

24.Concerts(I love really loud music, most poeple do not know this.) *G*


26.Day dreaming(I can stay up all night daydreaming.)

27.My Pink Kitchen-Aid

28.My Blend-Tec  (That can grind up a cell phone and golf ball!!!!)

29.The Mountains(One thing I really love about my state!) *G*

30.Jesus Christ & his never ending Love, Mercy & Grace!

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