Apples,Bananas & Grapes OH MY!!!

Yesterday my daughter and I tackled some kitchen duties. We were blessed with a case of baby grapes. These are supurb for juicing, making jellies & jams, and turning into rasins.

24 containers of baby grapes


Yes, left the foam in. We like the fiber!

Freezer jam that my daughter made.

Washed baby grapes ready to dehydrate

24 hours later-Healthy Rasins.


We also were blessed with about 30 loaves of bread. We made bread pudding,bread crumbs and croutons.

30 loaves of french & Italian bread


All cut up & seasoned

Fresh from the oven

Stored in a gallon size zip-lock

Hubbys favorite-rasin/apple bread pudding~Crock Pot Style!


These next few pictures are from last weekend.

3 bushels of apples & a whole lot of bananas

Dehydrated bananas


We made several gallons of cider from the apples, along with apple sauce,apple cobbler, apple crisp, apple pancakes,caramel apples, and dehydrated apples. Needless too say, we are plum tired pf apples! Oh plums! Don’t get me started on them! PLEASE! :o)~

Apple Crisp

Apple Crisp

Guess it was a hit!

Would ya like some?

Enjoying a apple!

Trying to peel the last of the apples.


So there you have it….Happy Times!!!

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