Somebody elses life….

Do you ever feel like you are living somebody elses life?

It’s a mind trip. Your life seems to evolve into something that you did not see coming. For me, allot has to do with our move down here.

I have no idea what I thought my life was going to resemble. But I do know that it is not at all what I imagined. Being the only girl in the family, I was pretty spoiled. This could have been the problem. I do not recall ever wanting something that I didn’t get. Maybe this made me a brat. I try not to always shift the blame on the upbringing, but sometimes it is hard not too.

I rebelled  terribly as a teen. This is why I moved out of the house right before my 16th birthday.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever guessed I’d end up living a country girl life style. In fact, the relationship that I was in BEFORE  I met  my husband was ended because  he (my bf) told me that he wanted to buy a farm, have lots of animals, hunt, and collect guns for the fun of it. 😱

Not at all what I wanted for myself, so the guy married my best friend!   *G*

I was a  pretty die hard liberal at the time.  I also thought that unless you were an officer, you had no bussiness even owning a gun.


It’s so hard to move from state to state.  Do I really want to do this the rest of my life? I have done it most my life. I was born in Florida. Then I moved to Arizona for 5 years. Then I moved back to Florida, and then to Connecticut.

Then went back to Florida when I was 15,back to Connecticut when I was 17, back to Florida when I was 21, then back to Connecticut when I was 22…And then I met my husband. Makes my head spin! We married within a few months after meeting. Yikes!

Then we moved up to  Massachusetts because it was cheaper to live. Then after size years, we moved down here. (North Carolina)

So you see, I REALLY do want to lay down some roots and stay put some place..I do!!

But Where?? 

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