This past Friday while moving a heavy dresser I hurt my back. I was immobile in bed up until today. I could not take the pain any longer and went to the doctors for an x-ray. It turned out that I sprained my lumbar, and ripped a tendon. I should be back to normal in 3-4 weeks the doctor said. I have no idea how I am suppose to run a household being immobile that long. I am thankful that my two oldest daughters are willing to help out in this area. I am also grateful that I could give them some time off from school to be able to help run the household. 

It is times like these that really make me realise what a gift from the Lord walking really is. To be able to walk without help, and jump out of bed to answer the phone or door, will forever have new meaning to me.

 UPDATE: Thank you to all my dear friends who have lifted me in prayer. I feel your prayers and have been able to get up and walk around the house today.Thank you so much for anyone who has been praying for me.


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