A week down

It has been a week since I hurt my back. I was feeling so antsy being at home 24/7. DH finally took me out last night to do some birthday and Christmas shopping for the kids. Yeah, I over did it. *Sigh* I took my pain meds and it tricked me into think that I can walk for a couple hours. I was walking like a snail, but it sure felt good to be out.

I spent the past week at home showing my age, and feeling rather nostalgia. I listened to some great music which made me feel like a teenager again. I zoned out to Queen,Pink Floyd and The Doors. I may indulge and watch “The Wall” tonight.

Today I am just chilling out at at home watching Netflix with hubby. Later I am going to watch Mandie and the secret tunnel with my kids. They love a good mystery. The movie was filmed a few towns over from where we live too.

It looks like I will be missing the Dixie fair this year. Boo-Hoo! Dh is going to be taking the kids next weekend though. They had a ball at the Stuart fair last weekend with some friends. I have a friend that face paints at all the local fairs and it was educational for my kids to see how that is done.

I have 3 birthdays coming up in a couple weeks.  Then 3 more in November! I pray that I will be better. I got my oldest daughter a Rabbit hair white scarf, Purfum’, and a purse for her birthday. I got my hubby a emergency radio that he has been wanting. As far as my son, he is asking for a Light Brite which no longer exsists! They make these cheapo square ones that have very bad reviews. I am looking for the kind that my oldest kids had when they were little. Turns out they no longer make them. I am also looking for Tinkertoys. My son has a few and loves them so much, but he needs more to be able to really enjoy himself and have his sisters be able to join him. :o)

What else?

I am loving this Fall weather. No more AC. The windows are wide open and the breeze feels so good. I can’t wait for winter!

Guess that is it for the update. We have some good friends that are leaving NC. next Spring. Moving out west ,  we  may follow. I do not know. In my heart, I feel like out West will be no better then down South. SO, I want them to move out there and tell us how great it is first! lol

It all depends on the Lord. He will open the doors and pacve the way, if it is his will..


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