6 birthdays in 6 weeks

Ok, so most of you long time readers know that this time of year is sooooo overwhelming for me. I have 4 kids who have birthdays, and my husbands and my own.  All in 6 weeks.

This means that allot of birthday cakes and presents about.

Well, tomorrow is the first batch. It is my oldest daughters and my husbands birthday. I already have the presents wrapped, and will be baking later tonight. My dh is going to take some of the kids to a fair tomorrow so I can decorate.:o)

Next weekend is my sons birthday, then the following weekend is another daughters birthday and then 2 weeks later, I have another daughters birthday, and my own birthday! *fainting*

I will be attempting to make a purse cake tomorrow. Here were some of the ones I had to choose from. I have never worked with fondant, so have decided to do it  with homemade frosting instead of fondant. This means nothing fancy.:o( Maybe next year!

I will be making this cake.

The how-to video is on Betty Crocker-I am not going to use box cake though.

Here are some of the other more elaborate purse cakes that I am loving!

Now for next week, it gets a little more challenging..My son wants a car cake. Actually he would love a Nascar cake. Hmmmmm….This is what I have to go by so far…


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