Part of county living…..

Miss. Black Coyote

While sitting on the sofa today, trying to enjoy the serene stillness that the country life is suppose to offer me, I started hearing some major squawking. I got up and took a peak in the back yard, and saw a pretty straggly thing chasing the chickens. The Dogs were barking like crazy, but did not attempt to go through the electric fence to my surprise. They are generally amazing escape artists, but sure enough, the time I wish they WOULD escape. They didn’t!

As usual, I freaked out and called hubby, who told me to just get the .22 and take the thing out!

Sureeeeee, no problamo! *G*

SO, I did the only logical thing, and started praying that the coyote would get scared off by all the barking, and run back into the woods.

Guess what? IT DID!! For now, Anyways. I would have really been freaking out, had the kids been outside.

Anyway, I think I will have hubby give me some shooting lessons when he gets home from work. I am fine to shoot a hand gun, but when it comes to rifles and the alike..I am just one big scaredy cat! MEOW-WW!!

Ok, as I am writing this, I just heard 8,make that 12  gun shots in the woods. Soooo, most likely, someone got the coyote!!! Yay! Otherwise they are shooting deer, which I thought was not suppose to legally happen until November, but who the heck follows the rules! *G*

One thought on “Part of county living…..

  1. What is the point of taking every one out you see unless you think we should take them all out? Genocide of another species..? Do you think god would be impressed that we handled our problems with the solution of slaying them all, as if that is of any challenge for a species that with its collaborative capacity has come to be able to destroy all life on earth if it so wished? Surely we can start acting as smart as we claim to be. (My criticism stands even more for those who live in the city, I hate that people in NJ freak if they see such an animal, as if they were supposed to respect our ‘claim’ when we paved over the land that supported non-human life.) People in the country should understand better than anyone the value of rural beautiful land, and that should include respect for all that must go with rural land; without taking easy route of claiming it is just a survival issue, we are beyond that, let’s start acting like it.


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