Today was one of those days. It started off with the dogs running away this morning. They are probably either down town, or at the pound again. They still have so much puppy left in them.

The pound is making a fortune off us! They charge $25 dollars to get them back each time! They just do not care about the electric fencing, hence, the fact they are always running away. They have such a good life here too. IDK.

I guess this is why I have always preferred fish. So quite, so tranquil, so LOW MAINTENANCE!

Getting back to my day…

We head out for the day. My son needed some winter clothes, so he had a mommy day. I took him out shopping. He got five new outfits, and is feeling pretty great!

We then mosey over to a friends house for a few hours, forgetting about the crock pot dish I left on….

We arrived home about 6 hours later, to find the biggest mess ya ever did see! It bubbled  all over the counter, and down  the floor.  It even burned a hole in the metal part of the crock pot sleeve! The house really smelled like burnt toast, for lack of better word…In fact, it still smells rather stinky! I am shocked it didn’t start a fire.

I wasn’t about to waste all that food though, so hubby and the kids still made do, and ate it.
Not me, I just had the  salad!
~Just kidding, I ate it too, and it wasn’t 1/2 bad. It was crock pot lasagna. A few crunchy pieces, but with enough cheese, anything can taste good, right? :o)~


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