Well, our dogs were found! I had a early morning call from the local animal hospital. Evidently, someone found then and brought them to the animal hospital due to their tags having the animal hospitals name.:o)

Wouldn’t ya know though, we had a fox today! Not at all straggly, like the coyote last week. He, or she, looked real good. It was very scared though and as I ran for the camera, it ran back into the woods. I still called hubby, which of course told me to__________!!

That would read..”Get the .22 and take it out!!”  I am such a wimp! I mean, what if I miss? I really need a laser. That, and I would like a silencer, so it wouldn’t  disturb anyone..but that is not going to happen until they make it legal here! ~Of course youtube has some neat looking homemade ones….:o)~


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