Weird Dreams!


Last night I had a very strange dream.  And yes, I realize what you watch, or talk about before you go to bed can play a key note on what you will dream about, among other things.

I have blogged about dreams before and  realize that God still uses dreams as ways to show and teach us things.


1.If I am thinking about something right before bed, I tend to dream about it.

2.I  can not go to sleep upset, or angry about anything. I will lay in bed all night thinking about it…watching the hours go by.

3.I can’t eat anything before bed. It brings bad dreams, the kind where dh has to wake me up from.

4.I know that if I take 10mg of Melatonin, I will have really bizzare, freaky dreams.

5.If I read right before bed I will be thinking about what the next chapter might hold, and end up turning the  light back on and finishing the book, thus not getting any sleep at all! (due to my OCD.) I also read the last chapter of every book I start first..just in case I die before ever getting a chance to finish the book. (I know, morbid!) *G*

6.For me, the best nights sleep that I have is when I clean before bed. Sweeping and mopping specifically. (Again, probably just my weirdness!)

That all said, I went to bed about 1am last night.  I woke up a few hours later with the strangest dream ever.

The Dream~ We bought this huge house with several floors. It was tall and wide. It was super cheap, but the only draw back was that 3 other families lived there,along with my mother, and a single man. We couldn’t boot them out!!

 There was only two doorways into the house.  One in the front, and one in the back. It was set up that all the families shared the same doorway.  No privacy! One floor had everyones bedrooms, One floor had everyone kitchens, and one floor had all the bathrooms,etc.

In my dream I kept hearing my youngest daughter crying because she was always lost.

As stated, There was 3 other families, a single man, and my mother all living in this one house. Everyone had there own kitchens, and bathrooms etc. But you had to walk through everyones kitchens and bedrooms to get to your own! How weird is that?

And the kicker was- It was on a main street, and right next door to a Rite-Aid drug store. In fact, it was in the next town,  to where I currently reside. That said, there is a seafood restaurant in the area where the Rite-Aid was my dream.

It was soooo noisy! Tons on traffic, and even a street light in front of the house.

The only real conversation that I recall in the dream was where I was sittng at  our kitchen table with my mother, telling her that this new living arrangment is driving me crazy!  She agreed, and reminded me of the great deal that we got on the house.

I then mentioned to  her,  At least we have a Rite-Aid next door that we can go to everyday if we wanted too. She then told me that she plans on sticking with CVS.

I was trying to come up with other positive things about our move there, but couldn’t.  I was misrable and hated all the lack of privacy & noise 24/7.

Then (in the dream) my youngest daughter started crying. She was on one of the other floors, and one of the other mothers was yelling for me to get my daughter out of her room!!

As I got up to go get my daughter, the single older man, who also lived in the house, about 50yrs old, walked through my kitchen to get to his kitchen. I then turned back to my mom and said…”He seems nice.”

Then I woke up!

I have been trying to disect my dream. I told my oldest daughters about it this morning, and they both said the same thing…

“Mommy, you only THINK you want to move back to the burbs/city!”

They think  the dream was a way to show me that I really do not want my former suburban lifestyle back. Maybe I have changed? Maybe I am just over analizing  my lifestyle too much.

So there ya have it..


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