The Muffin Method

The Perfect muffin method!

I probably have made every type of muffin out there. The Joy of Baking website  has loads of yummy muffin  recipes to try.

I never had any complaints, and I will forever be my worst critic, I know!  I have always wanted to have a really high-rise muffin cap.  I have tried adding more baking powder, but never had much luck. Not until I noticed that Jenni, over on The Pastry site website had a muffin method!!  Not only a cake and cookie method, but there is a muffin method too!

I made two batches of  jumbo blueberry muffins the other day for breakfast. Can you tell which of the two I used the muffin method with?  Then, I used my own method (ala’ throw it all in the bowl, on one of them.)

Even the color is different! I used the same recipe for both.

Notice the one on the left is much smaller, not really much of a rise. Even the taste and crumb was different, even though the same exact recipe was used.

The inside of the muffins

My daughter made these cranberry ones yesterday using the muffin method. They were regular size muffins, which is why they are smaller, but the rise it still a pretty rise!

Pretty Cranberry Muffin!


Check out this cutsie little pretzel that my son gave me last night…Not sure if he found it that way, or ate it down in the shape of a heart, but when he handed it to me with an, “I LOVE YOU MOMMY!”  I melted!

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