Dehydrating Bananas is Easy!

Making dehydrated  bananas  is super simple. I make them with my Nesco Dehydrator. It has a built in timer for dried fruits which makes things a no brainer.
Some people dip their  bananas in lemon juice to prevent them from browning.  Once they are exposed to air, they tend to turn brown, as shown below.. I skip this step because our dried bananas only last about ten minutes here.

They turn crunchy on the outside and chewy (like Taffy) in the inside. They are Amazing! Not as amazing as salt water taffy, but pretty darn close. :o)
Start off with some over ripe Organic bananas.

Slice them into the shape that you like. If you have the Excalibur, you can dehydrate them whole!  I bet they are out of this world. Great for camping!

I started buying Organic bananas because they have the seeds in them. As a child, all bananas had seeds, then to my surprise, I started noticing a while back that todays non-organic bananas are hybrids, and do not have seeds in them. *sulk*

After the dehydrating process, you will end up with a bag of yummy, chewy bananas. Great snack, while out and about.

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