A simple Raw food daily menu

A healthy raw food daily menu plan can be VERY simple.

Here is a sample of a day of semi-raw food eating.

Breakfast – This might consist of raw fruit juices or whole fruits (as much as 2 pounds of fruit if that is what it takes) 2 apples& 2 bananas.

If you need a snack in the morning or afternoon, you might snack on a handful of nuts,some sliced avocados, or a handful of dates. This is a great way to eat on the run!

Lunch – A salad of some sort.  The dressing being some drizzled olive or grapeseed oil..(My fav!)

Dinner – Spinach salad with almonds, 1-2 avocados, and an orange squeezed on for a dressing. Plan to have 8-16 ounces of freshly squeezed  juice with it. This may seem like rabbit food for most men, so when I prepare it for DH, he adds a couple cups of organic tortilla chips, along with some salsa on top of the avacado.

Even if you can incorporate a couple meals a week like this into your diet, your taste buds will start changing and you will start to crave fresh foods. And with the price of meats nowadays..This is way cheaper!

If you have kids, you can just start buying less meats, just for them. This will save money too. I have also found that if you set the example with your eating, your kids will start asking for more fresh foods. My youngest (4) hates meat, in fact, she hates anything not fresh. I tried to give her one of DH’s french fries the other day and she handed it back to me.  She  sticks her nose up to cereal of any kind, and asks for apples, bananas, oranges, or vanilla yogurt for breakfast. Lunch-she eats pasta with sauce,sometimes cheese(mac&cheese). Dinner, she asks for oatmeal with fruit, Bean dip on blue tacos or a baked potato.

As we give our children choices, even as young as 4, they are learning to eat what tastes good to them, instead of being forced  into eating what she is told too. Often times, dead foods.


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