The New Cascade Complete

A while back I noticed that they changed the formula of Cascade Complete dishwasher detergent. I was actually tickled pink at first,  because their new formula would be phosphate-free.

This in essence, is a good thing because phosphates are an inorganic chemical, which does allot of damage to us. Much like sodium lauryl sulfate, preservatives, ammonium laurel, and parabens. Nasty stuff!

So,  they raised the price, go figure! And omited this toxic chemical.  My question was…Would it work just as good withou the phosphates?


Nothing was getting cleaned in the dishwasher, and I needed to run it twice. Once with soap, next without any.

A few weeks ago I started examining the dishes, they had this icky white film on them. Evidently, the phosphates is what made the dishes come out are sparkly and clear.

So I started putting a few squirts of windex in the cycle.  I would never purposely spray Windex in my mouth, but since I use the double rinse cycle and all..*G*

And Wa-La! Dish problem solved.

Now I am back to square one though, I am ADDING phosphates back into my Cascade Complete!  :o/


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