Peacemaker, Or Not?

Ok, so yesterday my son had his first “encounter”. He is my only son, and is surrounded by girls most days, and when he is at a friends house who has 4 sons, he usually ends up finding his way back to the girls..Not that I mind him being in tune with girls. This will come in handy in later life! :o)

Getting back to yesterday~ He went to this boys group thing. It was a homeschool thing and the boys all shunned him, in fact one of the little boys actually told him to get outta here, that they did not want him playing with them! Ugh!

I had to do everything I could not to take matters into my own hands. 

 Anyway, being the sweetheart that he is, he walked away with his head down and came to me and then started crying!!! *the kiss of death at age 7, especially in front of 6 other 7 year olds..*

So, what is a mother to do?

My husband believes that just walking away is the right thing to do…BUT, I really wanted him to smack the little monster upside the head! (Yes, I just said that!)

Or at the very least, NOT, put his head down as a victim and maybe say..Whatever! and then walk away with his head up high… But, as I said, I am no expert on boys! :o(

I watched this happen three different times yesterday, before deciding that those other boys are big meanys and my son is too good to grace them with his presence.

This, is my maternal over protective motherly thinking though. I realize it is not the best thing to set my son up for. There are always going to be big meanys!

So, today I am trying to think of a good way to teach my son to not take other boys crap, but yet, set the example…but then again..Kick their butt just a little??? lol

Any one else have this problem, I am all ears..*Sigh*


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