Short Devotion

We are told that whenever two or more of us get together be it by appointment or chance meeting, and we’re aware that because Christ is in the one and Christ is in the other He joins us.

 What if we honestly asked the question, why does Jesus want to be there with us? Would that change our thoughts about fellowship? Rather than feeling alone because we are no longer in the system or have some form of regular  churchy fellowship… maybe we would begin to discover that we in fact have more fellowship than we realize.

The second thing I was thinking about is found in Galatians 5- to not allow ourselves to be entangled with a yolk of bondage. As we  know the yolk Paul is talking about is religious obligation. If you can go to some form of organized meeting and it does not find a place in you to bring you under bondage or obligation then your liberty allows you to hang out and enjoy what it is you attended the meeting for. .

That said, If you find yourself immediately falling back into old forms of performance or the pressure to act a certain way so that you will fit in, or be accepted. ~Muster up all the courage you can and get out of there. You are not yet free from the bondage of religious performance.

In today’s modern church, goals are set for winning a neighborhood, winning a city, winning a country or winning the world, whereas in the early church the goal seemed to have been to follow Jesus.

 This has been very freeing for me… as I’ve focused my attention on knowing Father’s heart and learning to live in his love daily

I believe this will have greater value in drawing people to Jesus than the impersonal methods we employ that may bring them to salvation, but then leaves them in an immature state never really able to receive Christ’s love. It is truly something to think about…


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