Burberry Nova_Check

Burberryis a British luxury fashion house, manufacturing clothing, fragrance, and fashion accessories. Burberry was founded in 1856 by a  21-year-old named Thomas  Burberry, who was a former draper’s apprentice.


Yes, Another educational, yet,  just for fun fashion post.:o)
I first heard of Burberry when I was living in Connecticut. I noticed a certain kind of lady would wear the pattern. The very sophisticated type. The pattern is called,”Nova Check
It is tan, black, red, and white as shown above.
I was never really into plaids, so did not understand what all the rave was about. Not until years later when we moved up to Massachusetts and all the college kids were wearing it. We lived in the Hampton’s, where Smith College was. Smith is where Hillary Clinton graduated. Enough said.

 Every single  college kid was walking around with this ever sheek Nova Check Burberry pattern. The guys were all wearing the neck ties and scarves, while the girls were wearing the coats, headbands and carrying the purses and bags.

One day, while out  shopping, my eye caught the Nova Check pattern on a clearance rack at H & M. I walked over, picked it up, and saw that it did not say Burberry anywhere on it. I found a sales lady and asked her about it.  She giggled,  and told me, for $4.00 I would NEVER get a Burberry anything. Well, maybe a piece of Burberry lint she laughed! *gulp*

They had 6 of them, and something told me to buy all six headbands. So I did.

When I came home I hopped on-line and found out that a real Burberry headband at the time, ran for close to a hundred dollars. I was shocked!

I had just started my EBay business, and decided to place them up on eBay, as a Uncanny look-alike. I started the auction at $9.99.  After-all, I had to make a profit..and to my surprise, they each sold for 25-35 dollars each! WOW!

I didn’t feel bad, or guilty, because I wasn’t saying in the auction that It was real. Just that it was an uncanny look-a-like. Upfront and honest!

The next week I went back to H & M in hopes to find more, but nothing..I then scouted the other stores and found almost a dozen Uncanny Nova Check Scarves. They were marked down to $3.50, so I bought them all, and got questioned by the cashier what I was planning on doing with all the same scarf.  I was honest, and told her that I was in sales.

 I went home, and placed them up, and they all sold for $19-30 each. Another time while at the Gap, I found several Nova Check little girls dresses. I bought them all and made a huge profit!

I started telling my friends about it, and had them all scouting the stores too. I would give them a little profit for being a personal shopper for me. *G*
I then made it a fashion mission to find other Nova Check things. I went to the fabric store one day and found a whole bolt of Nova Check Pattern fabric. It was really Uncanny. I dished out nearly $50 dollars for the whole thing on a wimp. After all, everyone knows that in order to make money, you need to spend a little. *G*

I came home and cut it all up and made baby slings with matching infant caps out of it all…

I do not recall what each set sold for, but I do remember making five hundred dollars off that one bolt total!
I then wanted to see if I could find any real  Burberry. Our vacation to Florida was coming up, and we were going to be visiting my family in Miami no less…which happens to be just as fashion conscious as NYC. I scoped all the thrift stores and found two REAL Burberry coats. They were in perfect shape!  One was my size, and as I knew I could easily get three-four hundred dollars on-line for it. I felt that I deserved to keep it! *G*

I paid $25.00 for each coat. When we came back home, I listed the one coat and got $350.00 for it. WOW!  I felt inspired wearing my coat, but secretly felt a twinge of guilt, which is why I ended up selling it right before we moved down here…I mean, Hey, I am special enough! *G*

I am really not sure why us girls… feel so extra special when we are wearing something so pricey..

I have a friend whose husband bought her a real mink coat, and she told me that it always made her feel like a million bucks! However, years later she ended up cutting it up for a cat that gave birth! YIKES!

 Some girls are into expensive jewelry, some into furs, and some are into brand names. I think guys are similar, but more with fishing stuff, guns,boats and trucks..

Maybe it is the instant gratification of something hot & new…Or maybe it is simply because it makes us feel so extra special..

Either way, it is fine to enjoy nice things if everything else is taken care of, and it is in moderation. At least that is my take on it.



Then there is *too much* of a good thing.


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