Happens to the best of us…

Every now and again I buy something that makes DH shake his head. It started off years ago when we were dating and drove past a yard sale on the way to lunch one afternoon. I saw a little boy standing next to a very old vacuum cleaner in the front yard. I asked him to stop, which he did, and I got out to browse.  

 As I was browsing, I looked over at the boy who seemed quiet and subdued at that time…when all of the sudden, he looked up at me and said, Lady want a vacuum cleaner, it is only 5 bucks!!

I really didn’t need one, but found myself asking him about it and  if it worked or not. It was one of those ancient Hoover ones with the bag, and was that ugly greenish-gold color. He said, No, it doesn’t work, that is why it is only 5 bucks!

Wouldn’t ya know, he was so cute  so I handed him a $5, and loaded it up in the car.
DH asked me why I bought the old thing?  I said, I don’t know..The boy needed me too! *G*

DH asked me if it worked and I said, Look at it!, it is very old, which is why it was only 5 bucks..  Gosh, give me a break!  lol

So, we did what any other person would do..We drove up to the  Salvation Army parking lot, and dropped it off! No harm done, right?

Another  time was when I was walking home from work. I was minding my own business and was stopped in the middle of the road  by 2 boys and girl.  All about 8-9 years old would be my guess. They asked if I wanted to buy some blackberries. I said no thank you, but then one of them said, they are only 1 dollar lady!!

 I did just come from work, and a dollar was really no bid deal, so asked them to show me the blackberries. The oldest boy reached in his pocket and pulled out 5 blackberries and showed  them to me. I laughed!  and asked him if that as all he had?  He said, yep!

Then without even thinking, reached in my purse for a dollar bill. The boy said, Oh, you only want 1 blackberry? I said, No, I’ll take them all..and he said, “That will be 4 more dollars please!”

Soooo, against my better judgment, reached back into my purse for 4 more dollar bills.
He handed me the 5 soggy blackberries and they ran off down the street calling me a sucker! :o(
KIDS! Or maybe it is just me?

 I’ll have ya know, I did eat the five soggy blackberries too,  and they were actually very sweet and yummy!  Not sweet enough for 5 bucks though! *G*

So what is the moral of these little stories? I have no clue…:o/

Fast Forward~
Buying weird things just because they are cheap, or maybe for a rainy day…I guess this is my train of thought..
A couple years ago I caught a good sale on rope. I came home, showed DH all the rope I bought him and he said, why do I need this rope?

I said, ya don’t! But maybe some day ya might, and then you’ll be thanking me!!
Then last year, I bought a bunch of clothes line that was really cheap. Like 35 cents cheap. I bought it to DH and he said, whats this for?  I said, to tie ya up!! ~ kidding~<:o)~
 I said, I don’t know but it was a really good deal…*G*

And ya know what? it was! Because DH was mighty happy he had it when it came time to make some dog  and goat leashes a while back. Yes, I Rock! :o)~

 This takes me to this past Saturday. The day I bought the jacket that Dh doesn’t like, which I mentioned in my mini-rant post. *G*

I came across these great oversized dog dishes. They are  huge, and only 1 dollar each.
Granted we got rid of all our dogs last week. We found a farmer that was in the market for farm dogs. That is besides the point though.
So DH noticed the big over sized dog dishes and asked me if I was planning on getting more dogs. I said no. He said, why did you buy these dog dishes? I said, I don’t know, but they were only a dollar.

So there ya have it…Some people say I have issues, but I don’t really.

I just like expecting the unexpected, and being prepared.:o)~


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