Ohh, I got to use my ID today!

I got to use my new ID  today. 3x in fact! Gosh it felt proud-fully good.. to not be given the 3rd degree. Granted, I am kind of disappointed with my new ID. Afterall, they made me take my glasses off for the picture, for some weird reason. And to me, I am not myself without my glasses. :o)~ Also, I do not  recall signing anything, but I guess I did. I  just didn’t realize that the signature would be the actualy siggy on my ID card. Phooey! Had I known, I would have certainly signed it legible.

No matter though…no more asking me how long have I been down here? Am I vacationing? or living here? Where am I from? Am I going to be down here permanently, etc…

Nah, I just got a smile and and thank you!   And can ya tell I’m tickled pink that I actually got a smile???  No hating, but I am the one that is the friendly one, too friendly most of the time..( dh’s words.) I mean, is there really such thing as being “too friendly” I just don’t think so! I’m just not use to people being friendly back. :o)~


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