Flu Season

Would it be a bad thing if I walked around like this every time I went out?

I went grocery shopping today, Costcos…and as soon as I walked in, there were people yacking everywhere. Then I took my daughter to the bathroom, and there was a lady in there that actually looked like death with a capital D! I actually held my breath as if I was under water the whole time I was in there. I ended up buying a pack of masks. I can wear one out, and people will probably think that I am the one who is sick… which would work to my advantage…because then they would all stay away from me. *G*

Why do people go out shopping when they should be in bed resting?  It is not like they are going to be cooking up a storm when they have the flu, etc..*scratching chin*

I also went to get a coffee this afternoon at a gas station which I always make sure not to touch the handle, and this one time my hand slipped and touched it, and can you believe it was WET, and no it hadn’t been raining!!! Gross-a-rou!

My guess is somone sneezed, or used their hand to wipe their nose maybe? I am still totally grossed out by it.

I have blogged about being somewhat of a germ-phobe in the past, so this shouldn’t come to any surprise.

Just say NO!


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