The Tree is up!

Well, the kids pressured me to put the tree up early again this year. I suppose it wasn’t too much pressure as I never saw the point to wait till December 1rst to put it up, or worst, Christmas Eve like some folks do. If I was able to leave it up till January, then maybe…BUT, like the many other things that affect my OCD, Holiday decorations is pretty up there…I am the type that takes all the Christmas stuff down the day after Christmas. Drives everyone batty! lol

So the House is done in a Fall/Christmas theme right now. I did make progress this year though regarding the tree. I allowed the kids to decorate it any way they saw fit. I put away my two tone matching bows,ribbons and bulbs and just closed my eyes and hoped for the best! :o)~ I got to lift my little girl up and place the angel on top too, which was the highlight of it all.

I will have to snap and upload a picture of it to add later…

And on that note..I am totally into this Christmas tree light up game even though I can not seem to finish it. I think my eyes need to stay off the timer, maybe that would reduce the stress of the game for me…Ugh!

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