This is not the first time my computer has been hacked, and I am sure it won’t be the last. It still runs perfect too, at least it appears to be. No blue screens, and my CD-rom is not opening by itself, and no one is telling me they are listening to my conversations and watching me type. YES! This happened to me back in 1998.  This guy had pictures of me, knew every little thing about me, what my kids names were,and if I had my speakers on, he was able to listen to all the conversations in my house, locking my keyboard on me, opening and closing my cd-rom, and emailing me 100x a day!  It was a  online stalker situation, but I will save that story for another day..

Today, I will talk about the basic PC virus. *Sigh*

 A while back I clicked on a website while searching for something online,  and the little window appeared letting me know that I just got infected. I beleive it was through a Trojan horse. As I am too smart to fall for the email attachment virus’.  :o)~

Of course some newer virus’s still attach themselves to your PC, even without you double clicking or extracting the file.

You generally pick up Trojan horses when you click on websites that claim to be something else. This happens to me more times then I care to admit in fact…Worms are different, they are a  small piece of software that uses computer networks and security holes to replicate itself. Real Sneaky!

Most of the time you will have no clue that you have a virus. I use to have a firewall, but it does not allow you to do much..and it got annoying, so off it came. *G*

That said,

Yesterday while on my email account, which has the yahoo chat. I kept getting booted off. Today the same thing happened, but this time a small window came up telling me that someone else just logged into my online chat! Not cool!

So…I am in the mist of making it safer, safe as I can anyways. It really stinks that this happens. But at least it is trivel compared to what I have been through in the past, regarding virus’s/hackers/and online stalkers. Most people would have banned themself from ever going online again, or so I’ve been told..But Nah, I’m a gluten for punishmnet I guess.:o)~


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