How to peel farm fresh eggs

I go crazy when I boil eggs and they peel horrible for me. It never fails, and my kids are so picky that if the eggs are not peeled perfectly, they will not touch them.

Little did I know that it was not my im-perfect ways, it was actually because our eggs are only day olds, if that. We collect the eggs in the morning and sometimes they go right into the pot to boil and never end up peeling very good.

It turns out that eggs that are going to be boiled, must be at least two weeks old.

Which means, if you are using farm fresh eggs you need to plan accordingly. Collect them, place them in the fridge for at least 2 weeks, and then boil them. Farm fresh eggs naturally have a protective coating on them, so if you wash that off before placing them in the fridge, they will get older faster. If you want them to remain super fresh, be sure to NOT wash them. Unless of course they are really dirty…but hopefully you are keeping your coop extra clean! :o)

How to Boil the perfect eggs

Place eggs in pot, cover with cold water. The water and the eggs need to be the same temperature. Place on high heat until you see a rapid boil, then turn it off, cover with a tight fitting lid. DO NOT BOIL THEM! This will over cook the yokes, and turns them a funny green color.

Let them sit in the hot water for exactly 10 minutes covered. Then crack each egg gently, but do not peel them yet, drain hot water and fill pot with icy cold water which loosens  the membrane (that thin layer of skin between the shell & egg.) Let them sit in the icy water for 10 minutes,then peel to Perfection.


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