Words that I don't feel right about..

There are many words that I do not feel right about saying out loud. Swear words being the first and formost. I remember the first time I heard a bad word. I was in the fifth grade and a friend came over in class and told me that a particular boy was being a d**k  to her. I had never even heard that word so went home and asked my mother what it meant, and had to eat a sliver of Ivory soap for even saying it out loud. *G*

In school all my friends swore and thought it was so odd that I didn’t. I think, had my mother been someone that swore herself , then I might have picked up on it. My brother was the same, and even though he is older then me (by 6 years) I never heard him say a swear word until I was in seventh grade. A family moved in next door to us, and the new girl was a  major bully to me.

One day she knocked on my front door after school. When I opened the door, she pushed me down in the doorway. My brother was home at the time, and came to my rescue, pushing her to the ground while telling her to leave me the F**k alone! It seemed to work, and she did leave me alone from then on out.

This takes me to the summers when I would go down South to visit my father. My dad is one of the most conservative people I know. He hates piercings, tattoos and girls that swear. Little did I know that he also had a long list of words that I considered non-swear words…swear words too.

One day while talking on the phone to a friend, my father was in the same room when he over heard me say  the word pissed off.  I really do not consider the word pissed a swear word, which is why I am able to even type it out. *G*

Well, he did, and came over and clicked the phone to cut me off. Then lecture me that good boys hate hearing girls say the P-word.  Since that day, I have tried my hardest not to say it, except in my head of course.. *G* Hey, I am not perfect..and as far as saying it out loud, I say the word ticked off   in its place. I suppose it sounds more appropriate and lady-like. I hope! 

Fast forward to this afternoon–when my twelve year old walked over to me and said that she was TICKED OFF!!!  It sounded horrible coming from her!  I think it is her age and  sweetness that through me. *sigh*  I asked her why she was ticked off, and she said that she couldn’t get a hold of a friend.  I told her that, that word, is not used over something so trivel as to not being able to get a hold of a friend. And in order to truly be ticked off– you need to at least have a good reason, Such as stubbing your pinky toe or burning yourself on the stove, or hot iron.  Maybe even having someone cancel an outing with you at the last minute.

Stuff like this, I explained to her.

 My kids know all the real swear words. They do! I felt the need to teach them at a young age, because they were bound to hear them in later life and from the kids at church, parks etc.  And yes, It was very embaressing to actually say them and spell them out.


My husband doesn’t swear, at least not in English…but says words are words, and it was just some loser who probably was the one who thought up all the swear words to begin with. That words should not bother me so much. Maybe it is really not the words that bother me, but the way they are used. I am really not sure, but for now..I will stick with my list of words that I do not consider swear words, although some might, and  my father  sure does, so I refrain myself from saying grown-up words while talking with him.

Currently, my non-swear word list is:

1.Pissed offwhich translated to Ticked off, but may have to change once more because I do not want to hear it from my sweethearts mouths…

2.Crap instead of sh*t.

3.What the Hell?  But, I am sure What the Heck  actually sounds better…But…what the Hell? :o)~

4.Damnitwhich I got a mouthful of  tobasco sauce as a kid for saying, so  I started saying Darnit which then was told sounded too much like Damnit..  Just can’t win there! *G*

5. Back in the day I would use Fudge in place of F**k. But, in all honesty, I am just never really that upset to even say fudge anymore. And besides, saying fudge just makes me want to go bake some! <:o)~

6.I don’t generally say the word Ass, but don’t consider it a bad word, but I do consider the word a*s-hole a bad word when used as name calling. I know that’s weird.

So that is my swear word testimony!

 So what the hell is yours? Crap! I didn’t mean that! <:o)~~


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