Saturdays Sweetness!

Is there anything sweeter?


sooooo cute!



A traditional New England Thanksgiving dinner is shown above~~~Of course I am anything but traditional, which is why I am not going to be using this menu plan.

That said..

It is that time again. Thanksgiving! We will be doing our Thanksgiving on mine & my daughters birthday this year. We do this every other year.:o)

What is on the menu? Pretty standard. I think.

Almond-brown sugar brie w/water crackers

Turkey of Course, and REAL Turkey this year too! Last year I tried to convince my family that the Tofurkey was really uncanny! *G*

Mash Potatos & Gravy

Green Bean Casserole

Sweet Potato Casserole

Cranberry Relish

Dinner Rolls

 Pumpkin Roll

Apple Pie

Castle Cake & Ice Cream

Homemade raw Egg-Nog

The only thing that is missing from the standard American Thanksgiving. Well, at least the ones I had growing up in New England,  are  Pearled Onions..which I was always forced to eat as a kid, and wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy. Stuffing, which no one can make better then my grandmother, but I am also the only one who likes it in my family. My grandma would put apples, rasins, and walnuts in it! YUM! Turnips, again, I am the only one who likes them, so we do not make them. Yams, which I really would make,  but since I am making the Sweet potato casserole, they are pretty  much the same.

I might also add that I have never heard of sweet potato casserole until we moved down here. I had no idea what I was missing!!!  *fainting* Carrot Raisin salad-I make this every other year.

I also have never heard of a pumpkin roll until I moved down here, and I think it is super funny that every time someone has a piece, they tell me that obviously it is something that I have been making for years and years, because it is the best they ever tasted. :o)~

So what does everyone elses menu look like this year?

Some of the recipes I use-

Green Bean Casserole

2 cartons of organic condensed cream of mushroom soup
8 cups cooked green beans
1 teaspoon pepper

dash of sea salt
2 cup milk
2 cups French fried onions

Mix soup, milk and pepper in  casserole dish. Stir in beans and 1 cup of the fried onions. Bake for about 25 minutes at 350 degrees.. Top with the remaining  fried onions and bake about 5 more minutes, until onions are lightly browned.
Serves 12.

Cranberry Relish

24 oz bag fresh cranberries

2 cups orange juice

1 cup brown sugar

capful of rum extract

1/2 cup chopped pecans (optional)


Place all the ingredients in a sauce pan and cook on medium heat for 20-30 minutes or until most of the liquid has reduced – stirring occasional. You’ll hear the cranberries popping – don’t worry, that’s what you want them to do.,, Remove from heat and serve.  Cranberry sauce/relish can be made days ahead and brought to room temperature or slightly heated before serving.

Serves 8

 Raw Homemade Eggnog

4  large farm-fresh eggs, *room temperature* Otherwise they won’t fluff up.
1 cup raw sugar
2 tsp real vanilla extract
1/4 tsp freshly grated nutmeg
4 cups raw milk
2 capfuls of Rum extract

In your blender…. whisk together eggs and sugar until sugar is dissolved. Add vanilla, nutmeg and milk.
I use my Blendtec, but I believe any blender would work. You want to blend it until you get that thick milky custard consistency.  If you like it thicker, you can add a  1/2 packet of jello vanilla pudding mix. Lastly, stir in rum extract.

Serves 6

Brie w/Almonds & brown Sugar

What is more comforting then creamy melted cheese.. mixed with a sauce made with slivered almonds & brown sugar. I make my own brown sugar, because I like lots of molasses in it. I unwrap a big wheel of Brie, top it with a generous amount of brown sugar, then with crushed/slivered almonds, or any nut of your choice. I first had this back home at a friends Christmas Party. That was eight years ago, and I have been hooked ever since. Some people put apricot preserves instead of the brown sugar, or maybe drizzled honey.Whatever you like!

 Heat in a preheated 350′ oven until melted. Then spread on crackers. This is very addicting and you can bet, if you eat enough, you will gain weight! *G*

Ohh, I got to use my ID today!

I got to use my new ID  today. 3x in fact! Gosh it felt proud-fully good.. to not be given the 3rd degree. Granted, I am kind of disappointed with my new ID. Afterall, they made me take my glasses off for the picture, for some weird reason. And to me, I am not myself without my glasses. :o)~ Also, I do not  recall signing anything, but I guess I did. I  just didn’t realize that the signature would be the actualy siggy on my ID card. Phooey! Had I known, I would have certainly signed it legible.

No matter though…no more asking me how long have I been down here? Am I vacationing? or living here? Where am I from? Am I going to be down here permanently, etc…

Nah, I just got a smile and and thank you!   And can ya tell I’m tickled pink that I actually got a smile???  No hating, but I am the one that is the friendly one, too friendly most of the time..( dh’s words.) I mean, is there really such thing as being “too friendly” I just don’t think so! I’m just not use to people being friendly back. :o)~

Parks are not safe!

So, today was Veterans Day. I really wanted to take the kids to a parade, but dh  was not in a parade mood, so we compromised, and went for a nice drive, then took the kids to a park. We have many parks around us, but there is this one park that reminds me of a park we had back home. A bit of a drive, but it’s my favorite.  Or at least has been, up until now. Last year it got a bad rap because there was some guys that were starting to hang out and take pictures of  little girls playing on the monkey bars,swinging, etc., and were posting them on the net.   Evidently, there is no crime in strangers taking our children’s pictures, and placing them on the net. Grrr! Just look at the “How to” e-book that was being sold on Amazon! They finally just removed it. But it should not have been allowed to be sold in the first place. Sort of like pot pipes & bongs. It is illegal to sell the drug, but it is not illegal to sell the stuff that you use with the drugs. Figure that one out! *G* ~

We as parents some times place our kids pictures on the net,  but the thing is US-not some stranger making this decision. I guess I see it as different. If I choose to place a picture of one of my kids on the net, it is ok. If someone takes a picture of my kid and places it on the web without my permission. It is NOT ok. And I have had friends do this to me before, and I kindly tell them not too.

 I know this is a touchy topic, but it does disturb me something awful that this stuff is allowed to be marketed. Falls under Freedom of Speech I suppose. :o/

 If I ever saw a guy taking a picture of one of my children without my permission, I would freak out, and there would be a scene.

So getting back to today…we decided to go to the park. It was very busy because there was no school today. This means being on full alert, and not being able to kick back on the park bench and just enjoy some fresh air.

~Right off the back I began to size everyone up, trying to pair all the adults up with their kids..Who is with who.

Everyone was accounted for except this one guy, early 30’s, who was sitting on one of the park benchs. He appeared to be alone. He was also watching some of the girls swinging, so I ended up walking over to him in hopes to strike up a conversation, to find out if he had any kids there, that maybe I did not see. It was very busy as stated, about 30 people!

~No sooner then later,  a young guy and a boy arrived. The guy looked to be in his early 20’s and the boy had to be at least ten. My first thought was that they were brothers. Maybe.

So, I continued to keep an eye on my  kids, and the guy on the bench.

 As I walked the playground, (DH was in the van) I noticed that the 20-year old guy with the boy started climbing up the ladder to the jungle gym. Obviously, he did not see the sign that said for children only.  And of course there was no park security any where.

Maybe these things do not bother the average mother, but I do not feel comfortable having grown men, or even teens, sliding down kiddy-slides right after one of my little girls have, or worst, climbing  through the none-see-through tunnels, while little kids are in them. NOT COOL!

So, this made me suspious enough to watch him. Then something caught my attention. I heard the little boy call him dad! I looked at him closer and there was just no way this guy was old enough to be this boys father. No wedding ring either, which might have meant  that this boy was his step-son.  Na-Da!

~Something still did not seem right, but before I could put my finger on it, I noticed that he walked over to my 6 year old and was trying to start up a conversation! Ugh!

I bee-lined over there and pulled her away, adding that we DO NOT talk to people that we do not know, and even then..not without mommy! I am really not as forward as I’d like to be. Dh always tells me that if I see a guy talking to one of the kids, be very forward, and bluntly put him on the spot, asking him if he is a child molestor, or just a pervert? Which is it?

Uh, I am simply not there yet!  But, I am getting closer.:o/

 I gathered up the little ones, and took them to another section of the park. We played a little more..and I had that false sense of security that the oldest two could handle their own..WRONG!

Twenty minutes later, we head back to the van, and my older daughter says…I can not believe that guy in the blue shirt mommy. I said, you mean the guy with the boy? She said, yes..

She said that she was playing on the monkey bars and he snuck up behind her and said Hi. She ignored him she said, and  skipped over to another part of the park. He followed her and told her to not run away from him!!!

OMG! I asked her what she told him and she said she told him nothing, just ran away once more.

I then explained to her how to handle that next time. Afterall-I would be nieve to think that there is never going to be a next time…*sigh*

So there ya have it…What a way to spoil a nice day!  I never had to go through this crap back home. :o(


Using Rit dye

Brown Dye

Mix bottle with salt and water-add garment

Top was white, now it's brown! Yay!

I had this really pretty top that I bought, but it was white and I don’t wear white really. I ended up buying a bottle of brown dye, and wa-la!  Problem solved! 

All you do is mix 1/2 the bottle in some hot water in a big bowl, add 1 cup of salt to it, then your garment, and stir it for 1 hour. Then wash, hang to dry and your done. So simple.:o)

Of course if I liked white, Rit also makes a dye remover, so I could make it white again if I reallly wanted too.

Happens to the best of us…

Every now and again I buy something that makes DH shake his head. It started off years ago when we were dating and drove past a yard sale on the way to lunch one afternoon. I saw a little boy standing next to a very old vacuum cleaner in the front yard. I asked him to stop, which he did, and I got out to browse.  

 As I was browsing, I looked over at the boy who seemed quiet and subdued at that time…when all of the sudden, he looked up at me and said, Lady want a vacuum cleaner, it is only 5 bucks!!

I really didn’t need one, but found myself asking him about it and  if it worked or not. It was one of those ancient Hoover ones with the bag, and was that ugly greenish-gold color. He said, No, it doesn’t work, that is why it is only 5 bucks!

Wouldn’t ya know, he was so cute  so I handed him a $5, and loaded it up in the car.
DH asked me why I bought the old thing?  I said, I don’t know..The boy needed me too! *G*

DH asked me if it worked and I said, Look at it!, it is very old, which is why it was only 5 bucks..  Gosh, give me a break!  lol

So, we did what any other person would do..We drove up to the  Salvation Army parking lot, and dropped it off! No harm done, right?

Another  time was when I was walking home from work. I was minding my own business and was stopped in the middle of the road  by 2 boys and girl.  All about 8-9 years old would be my guess. They asked if I wanted to buy some blackberries. I said no thank you, but then one of them said, they are only 1 dollar lady!!

 I did just come from work, and a dollar was really no bid deal, so asked them to show me the blackberries. The oldest boy reached in his pocket and pulled out 5 blackberries and showed  them to me. I laughed!  and asked him if that as all he had?  He said, yep!

Then without even thinking, reached in my purse for a dollar bill. The boy said, Oh, you only want 1 blackberry? I said, No, I’ll take them all..and he said, “That will be 4 more dollars please!”

Soooo, against my better judgment, reached back into my purse for 4 more dollar bills.
He handed me the 5 soggy blackberries and they ran off down the street calling me a sucker! :o(
KIDS! Or maybe it is just me?

 I’ll have ya know, I did eat the five soggy blackberries too,  and they were actually very sweet and yummy!  Not sweet enough for 5 bucks though! *G*

So what is the moral of these little stories? I have no clue…:o/

Fast Forward~
Buying weird things just because they are cheap, or maybe for a rainy day…I guess this is my train of thought..
A couple years ago I caught a good sale on rope. I came home, showed DH all the rope I bought him and he said, why do I need this rope?

I said, ya don’t! But maybe some day ya might, and then you’ll be thanking me!!
Then last year, I bought a bunch of clothes line that was really cheap. Like 35 cents cheap. I bought it to DH and he said, whats this for?  I said, to tie ya up!! ~ kidding~<:o)~
 I said, I don’t know but it was a really good deal…*G*

And ya know what? it was! Because DH was mighty happy he had it when it came time to make some dog  and goat leashes a while back. Yes, I Rock! :o)~

 This takes me to this past Saturday. The day I bought the jacket that Dh doesn’t like, which I mentioned in my mini-rant post. *G*

I came across these great oversized dog dishes. They are  huge, and only 1 dollar each.
Granted we got rid of all our dogs last week. We found a farmer that was in the market for farm dogs. That is besides the point though.
So DH noticed the big over sized dog dishes and asked me if I was planning on getting more dogs. I said no. He said, why did you buy these dog dishes? I said, I don’t know, but they were only a dollar.

So there ya have it…Some people say I have issues, but I don’t really.

I just like expecting the unexpected, and being prepared.:o)~

Burberry Nova_Check

Burberryis a British luxury fashion house, manufacturing clothing, fragrance, and fashion accessories. Burberry was founded in 1856 by a  21-year-old named Thomas  Burberry, who was a former draper’s apprentice.


Yes, Another educational, yet,  just for fun fashion post.:o)
I first heard of Burberry when I was living in Connecticut. I noticed a certain kind of lady would wear the pattern. The very sophisticated type. The pattern is called,”Nova Check
It is tan, black, red, and white as shown above.
I was never really into plaids, so did not understand what all the rave was about. Not until years later when we moved up to Massachusetts and all the college kids were wearing it. We lived in the Hampton’s, where Smith College was. Smith is where Hillary Clinton graduated. Enough said.

 Every single  college kid was walking around with this ever sheek Nova Check Burberry pattern. The guys were all wearing the neck ties and scarves, while the girls were wearing the coats, headbands and carrying the purses and bags.

One day, while out  shopping, my eye caught the Nova Check pattern on a clearance rack at H & M. I walked over, picked it up, and saw that it did not say Burberry anywhere on it. I found a sales lady and asked her about it.  She giggled,  and told me, for $4.00 I would NEVER get a Burberry anything. Well, maybe a piece of Burberry lint she laughed! *gulp*

They had 6 of them, and something told me to buy all six headbands. So I did.

When I came home I hopped on-line and found out that a real Burberry headband at the time, ran for close to a hundred dollars. I was shocked!

I had just started my EBay business, and decided to place them up on eBay, as a Uncanny look-alike. I started the auction at $9.99.  After-all, I had to make a profit..and to my surprise, they each sold for 25-35 dollars each! WOW!

I didn’t feel bad, or guilty, because I wasn’t saying in the auction that It was real. Just that it was an uncanny look-a-like. Upfront and honest!

The next week I went back to H & M in hopes to find more, but nothing..I then scouted the other stores and found almost a dozen Uncanny Nova Check Scarves. They were marked down to $3.50, so I bought them all, and got questioned by the cashier what I was planning on doing with all the same scarf.  I was honest, and told her that I was in sales.

 I went home, and placed them up, and they all sold for $19-30 each. Another time while at the Gap, I found several Nova Check little girls dresses. I bought them all and made a huge profit!

I started telling my friends about it, and had them all scouting the stores too. I would give them a little profit for being a personal shopper for me. *G*
I then made it a fashion mission to find other Nova Check things. I went to the fabric store one day and found a whole bolt of Nova Check Pattern fabric. It was really Uncanny. I dished out nearly $50 dollars for the whole thing on a wimp. After all, everyone knows that in order to make money, you need to spend a little. *G*

I came home and cut it all up and made baby slings with matching infant caps out of it all…

I do not recall what each set sold for, but I do remember making five hundred dollars off that one bolt total!
I then wanted to see if I could find any real  Burberry. Our vacation to Florida was coming up, and we were going to be visiting my family in Miami no less…which happens to be just as fashion conscious as NYC. I scoped all the thrift stores and found two REAL Burberry coats. They were in perfect shape!  One was my size, and as I knew I could easily get three-four hundred dollars on-line for it. I felt that I deserved to keep it! *G*

I paid $25.00 for each coat. When we came back home, I listed the one coat and got $350.00 for it. WOW!  I felt inspired wearing my coat, but secretly felt a twinge of guilt, which is why I ended up selling it right before we moved down here…I mean, Hey, I am special enough! *G*

I am really not sure why us girls… feel so extra special when we are wearing something so pricey..

I have a friend whose husband bought her a real mink coat, and she told me that it always made her feel like a million bucks! However, years later she ended up cutting it up for a cat that gave birth! YIKES!

 Some girls are into expensive jewelry, some into furs, and some are into brand names. I think guys are similar, but more with fishing stuff, guns,boats and trucks..

Maybe it is the instant gratification of something hot & new…Or maybe it is simply because it makes us feel so extra special..

Either way, it is fine to enjoy nice things if everything else is taken care of, and it is in moderation. At least that is my take on it.



Then there is *too much* of a good thing.

Pure Beauty!!!

I just came across the most beautiful quotes this evening….

It matters not Who you love, Where you love, Why you love, When you love, Or how you love, It matters only that you love. ~John Lennon


“To understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he has already achieved, but at what he aspires to.” ~Kahlil Gibran

“Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves.  Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given to you because you would not be able to live them.  And the point is to live everything.  Live the questions“~Rainer Maria Rilke


Short Devotion

We are told that whenever two or more of us get together be it by appointment or chance meeting, and we’re aware that because Christ is in the one and Christ is in the other He joins us.

 What if we honestly asked the question, why does Jesus want to be there with us? Would that change our thoughts about fellowship? Rather than feeling alone because we are no longer in the system or have some form of regular  churchy fellowship… maybe we would begin to discover that we in fact have more fellowship than we realize.

The second thing I was thinking about is found in Galatians 5- to not allow ourselves to be entangled with a yolk of bondage. As we  know the yolk Paul is talking about is religious obligation. If you can go to some form of organized meeting and it does not find a place in you to bring you under bondage or obligation then your liberty allows you to hang out and enjoy what it is you attended the meeting for. .

That said, If you find yourself immediately falling back into old forms of performance or the pressure to act a certain way so that you will fit in, or be accepted. ~Muster up all the courage you can and get out of there. You are not yet free from the bondage of religious performance.

In today’s modern church, goals are set for winning a neighborhood, winning a city, winning a country or winning the world, whereas in the early church the goal seemed to have been to follow Jesus.

 This has been very freeing for me… as I’ve focused my attention on knowing Father’s heart and learning to live in his love daily

I believe this will have greater value in drawing people to Jesus than the impersonal methods we employ that may bring them to salvation, but then leaves them in an immature state never really able to receive Christ’s love. It is truly something to think about…