What do you do when people mistreat you?

Do you get angry and bitter? Overly emotional?

Or do you reach somewhere, to some source of cool tranquil water and pull out a bucket of Mercy to free yourself?

There is no emotion that keeps us in bondage more, then the unwilliness to forgive. Yourself, and others.

I use to hear these words and say to myself…Sure, I forgive..I just don’t forget! And I truly believed there was a difference! Who was I trying to fool? Apparently, myself!

This was a very wrong attitude to have. When Christ forgives us, he is not thinking about the wrong any longer… which would line right up with forgetting. Jesus forgives & forgets, and that is the right attitude to have.

Once we ‘truly’ forgive someone, we need to wipe the slate clean and forget it entirely. If we still find ourselves bitter, and thinking about it, then we have not forgiven them entirely.

1 Corinthians 13:5-says that LOVE keeps no records of wrongs. And by with holding our love from anyone who has hurt us in the past, or present..We ARE keeping a record of their wrongs.

Jesus does not do this, so why do we?

Why is so easy to be upset when it is so utterly amazing to be happy and have JOY in our hearts. Love is so Amazing!

I suppose we choose not to forgive because we have a fear deep inside our hearts, that we will get hurt again. And you know what?

WE WILL! But that is OK!

It is not a matter of getting hurt that is the problem. The matter is getting hurt, and what we do with that hurt, which develops our Character. Our relationship with the Christ.

Try not to get on the roller coaster of resentment and anger. All it does is make you immune to feelings or Love. It also builds such a wall around your heart.. that makes it impossible for Christs LOVE to shine through, and to let others love you.

You need to be the one who says, “Yes, they mistreated me, but I am going to be like Christ. I will be the one who says, “Forgive them father, for they know not what they’re doing” Luke 23:34

You may find that you need to keep saying and claiming this verse.. over and over again. JUST DO IT! The bible says that Gods word will never come back void..Isaiah 55:11

Have you such little Faith, to think otherwise?

I  try to always apply the first step, that is- seeing everyone around me as humans. Humans that are capable of hurting me and even destroying my spirit, or at least trying too. BUT–People are not a source of hurt. Their actions are.

Jesus treats us with Mercy….he became one with us, he felt as we feel, he understood our frustrations. And as the result, he hung on the cross, looked at them, and then to the father and said, “Forgive them father, they know not what they do.”

WOW! that is AMAZING!

When you forgive someone, you are as close to Christ as you ever will be, because in that forgiveness you are demonstrating the VERY HEART of God!!

Forgive us father when we hesitate to extend Grace to others…



4 more days of 2010

I am a bit upset to see 2010 almost over. Not that it has been as good a year as others… but the way 2010 sounds and the way it looks.. There is order to it that I like, and for that, I am upset to see it go! *G* :o/

Will I be making any New Years Resolutions? Probably. I don’t really call them resolutions, more of goals.

I started thinking tonight of all the previous New Years Eves that I have celebrated. As a kid they were pretty much lined up with everyone elses..Watching the New York City Ball , and staying up till midnight. Now that I am an adult, my family has NYE parties each year.


When I turned 13, things started getting more exciting. I was not too impressed with staying home watching the ball anymore, so while my mother was at a NYE party, my brother and a bunch of his friends came over and asked me if I wanted to take a ride to the air port to watch all the planes land. I thought my mom was going to be out late, but to my surprise she came home early that night and noticed I was missing and called the police. I got home at 5am, and walked into a huge mess!  I will leave out all the horrid details..but it was one of the most memorable New Years Eves that I have. lol

—And if one of my own kids would ever pull something like that, I would have handled it the same way as my mom did! *fainting*

Demonic Picture

Something very disturbing has been happening. It started out with an object that a friend gave me about 3 months ago. The night she passed on this object to me, which was a pretty 16×20 picture, I sat it down in my dining room for about a week.. trying to decide where to hang it.

After a week past, I brought it into my bedroom and removed an old picture that I had hanging up in my bedroom entry and hung up the new picture. I really liked it too. It had a tranquil scene, that kind of brings you into it, if that makes sense. There was something about it that just kinda called out to me. At the time, I thought it was the serene colors.
THAT NIGHT while laying in bed at midnight. I layed there until  1:30 watching the clock, when all of the sudden I heard this intense screeching sound. I continued to lay there for a good couple more minutes listening to it, trying to determine if it was a cat at my door, or some wild animal outside, maybe a screech owl?…..Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever, ever… assumed it was a demon!! Despite my past visions, and keen sense of intuition, I have never ever expirenced anything like this before.

As I laid there listening to the noise more intently, I closed my eyes and my mind fell to the picture that was hanging up on a side wall that I couldn’t see from where I was laying. When I reopened my eyes I saw it!!
I thought I was hallucinating, but up above my head was this small creature that I do not even want to try to describe, yet somehow, I’ll never forget. It was making this horrid screeching noise right in front of me!! I looked over to Dh, who was  sound a sleep and I couldn’t believe he was not hearing it.
I  immediately started praying Matthew 16:23 and closed my eyes once more.. and when I reopened them I jumped out of bed. I  didn’t wake Dh, and have no idea why, but felt myself being pulled towards the picture.
When I walked over to the picture, I knew that that was where the demon went, and I heard a slight screeching once more in front of me and started praying over the picture until I didn’t hear anything.
I have no clue why I didn’t rip the picture off the wall and trash it. I don’t know what I was thinking, but it stopped and I went back to bed  to power pray.

I started thinking about how light and darkness can not coexist, and began to question.. how  it  were even possible for a demon to come into my spirit filled house? I eventually fell asleep, and the next day tried not  to think any more about it.. I have been told in the past that if one spends times thinking about these type of things in detail, more of them tend to happen.
I also did not tell anyone, for fear that someone would think I was losing it altogether.
A few days past and I felt the need to anoint my house with oil. I  waited for everyone to go to bed and started the process..
Days turned into weeks, and at certain times that I would enter my bedroom, my eyes fell on the picture. A uneasy feeling. Yet, I still left it up there! Ugh!

FAST FORWARD– This brings me to today-On Christmas no less!
Dh and I were having a major talk, and as he was talking to me the picture kept entering my mind..It is really hard to even put into words.


Later tonight, as I was playing Lite Brite in my bedroom with my son-we had the lights off, and the picture kept popping into my head once more. After we were done playing, he left the room and I walked over to the picture and prayed over it again. Then I felt the holy spirit tell me to call Dh into the bedroom and tell him about it.
As I was telling him about it he had a weird/disbelief expression on his face, and at first, it scared me. He then asked me if I wanted to hear something just as freaky? I said No! Because I generally rather NOT know certain details about things, or really heavy stuff in general..But-he told me anyways..

He said that a couple hours prior, he began asking the Lord if there is something demonic that has made its way into our house?  As I am constantly bringing used items into the house…AND-this was the confirmation! Praise God!

Dh walked over to the picture, took it off the wall and brought it outside..which is where it is right now..
What do I do with it now? Trash it? Burn it? Offer it back to my friend? I have no idea..But I do feel a utter sense of peace in my home now! It actually feels different. ❤


Another story that is somewhat simular, that I have recently heard was from a friend who called me about a month ago to ask me to start praying for her family ASAP. She asked me if I knew anything about annointing ones house with oil? I told her how to do it, and she was off to get it done.. It was a very timely phone call, and as I did not share with her ‘my story’ She did tell me what had just happened to her family…

Her 4 year old climbed out his bedroom window the previous night and was banging on the front door at 2am to come back inside…She was sleeping and heard bangs on the front door. Evidently, she did not wake up her husband and went to go investigate it on her own.

When she arrived at the front door she clearly heard her son outside and screaming, “mommy, mommy”. She opened the LOCKED door and grabed him. When he calmed down, he told her that while he was sleeping,  he woke up and walked over to his bedroom window, looked outside, and saw his older sister waving for him to come join her. His older sister is only 6 years old and he claims that she was outside telling him to come outside to play. He unlocked the screen-less window and climbed outside to go find her.

They live way out in the boondocks on 30 wooded acres and he said he was following his sister into the woods but got scared when he didn’t see her anymore, and ran back home to the front door, realizing it was locked and was scared!

Needless to say she was very freaked out, and then went to wake her husband and tell him what happened. Her husband said it was definetly something demonic and they needed to find out why it was targeting the children. Very Scary stuff!


Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. Love does not demand its own way. Love is not irritable, and it keeps no record of when it has been wronged. 1 Corinthians 13:4-5


 Love Without Limits lyrics

See the faces in the crowd
Everyone is reaching out
Searching for something that’s real

See the souls behind the eyes
Left with no way to disguise
The yearning inside

He loves without limits
Sees us every minute
Wherever we are walking
He is near
His spirit is relentless
His hope for us is endless
I know, I know
He loves without limits

There’s no mountain that’s too steep
There’s no ocean that’s too deep
Nothing can keep him from us

He’s the lover of our souls
He’s the one that makes us whole
Oh, don’t you know
If we could only see how far
God will reach to touch our hearts

[Repeat Chorus]

I know, I know nothing can seperate us
I know, I know God’s love is limitless

Registered Offenders

**Yes, I broke my Holiday-ish posts, Sorry!***G*


Five years ago our town had 8 registered sex offenders and now there are 22. I have been thinking a lot about this lately trying to figure it out. Are more people getting caught? I don’t really know but it would be nice to think so. Of course maybe it is that more are moving into the area, due to the low cost of living here. This makes the most sense.

  I have them all memorized, and yes, I  see them out and about occasionally. It is a good thing there is not 100, as that would be a real challenge. *G*

 Not to sound prejudice, just Aware!  I think what disturbs me the most is all the ones that have not been caught. The ‘closet offenders’.

Last night I was at a local convenience store with Dh and as soon as I got out of the van, I spotted this older man with a cane coming out of the store. He was parked right next to us, and was looking  at me in that way, really obvious.. I made eye contact with him, to not be perceived as uncomfortable, and he smiled.

He had to be in his 60’s!  He got into his old station-wagon and I assumed that he took off. Dh stayed in the van as I went to get some coffees for us. When I came out I noticed that he was still parked next to us, but did not make any eye contact with him.

It was not until I got into the van that my husband told me that he was eying me in that way the whole time I was in the store, along with when I came out. Then he pulled away..

Dh told me that he was certain that this guy was deliberately waiting for me to come back out so he could take a second look. It really felt icky, for lack of better word. This stuff makes me feel really gross.

The point to this little story is that, THESE are the type of men that I think are the most dangerous. I mean, what if I worked there and he was waiting for me to leave my shift?  Would he have kidnapped me, or tried to get me into his car? I don’t know.

These type of people are the smarter ones though. They are planners, thinkers,watchers, and just down right scary.  They totally make me feel unsafe!

That said—Getting back to our towns current Registered S*x offenders…There are:



3.2nd Degree RAPE—8 men


Are the Hurrerites a Cult?

Yes, as a matter of fact they are. Any group of people that have to subject themselves to a ruler, or man of authority other then Christ is indeed cult-like. 

The Hurrerites sect is named after a Christian martyr named Jacob Hutter and has roots in the 16th century. Its followers came to Canada in the early 1900s and set up colonies that followed a  farm style agrarian life and New Testament beliefs.

  I am not certain whether they started out as a cult, but certainly shadow one now. Along with having many rules to follow, pulling all their income, having to eat all meals together in a dining haul and being forced to shun any family members who decide to leave the community…This is cultic behavior.

I find it intresting that so many people spend so much of their time searching for what God wants them to do with their life, that they forget one key element–LIVING!

Living a life here and now. Taking each day one at a time and finding JOY in it. Life is so short and to be at a constant out pour of trying this, and trying that and falling into a trap of searching for more, more, more.. This just doesn’t really seem like living to me. ~JMHO~

Biotin Review

 I have been taking Biotin for 8 weeks now, and have had great results! So it definetly gets a thumbs up!

What is Biotin?

Biotin is a vital water-soluble B-complex vitamin. It is also known as vitamin H or B7 and is one of eight necessary vitamins the human body requires. The word Biotin has been derived from the Greek word bios meaning life.

Processed food destroys biotin in your body. However, I don’t eat processed foods. This is not why I started taking it.

Biotin is needed for healthy skin,nails and hair..Which is why I started taking it. Amazing results!  It makes your hair grow nice and thick, and clears up skin problems.

Biotin supplements are safe…with no side effects through normal use.

This is the one that I take.



Have you ever been blessed with a friendship that just makes you smile?

A friendship that brings new birth to the word friend..

Someone who makes you see things in a different light…when you have always felt that you’ve seen things just perfectly fine..

Someone who won’t judge, or try to change you to be someone that they ‘think’ you should be..

Someone that makes you laugh when you feel like crying..

A true Blessing!

I LOVE these kinds of friendships…

Of course it would be so delightful if ALL friendships were like this, but I s’pose that if they were, it would take away from the ‘rarity’  and Thanksgiving of them. :o)