Candy Bars & Maggots!

Tonight I decided to treat myself to a non-organic chocolate bar. I generally only eat the Organic Black/Green chocolate bars because they are the most healthiest, but tonight I past the grocery isle and spotted my trusty old time favorite…and figured Hey! I deserve it!


Symphony chocolate bars are the best thing since sliced bread!  They are! I actually recall the year they came out too! *G* I was about 15 I think, and was at a laundry Mart. I had some extra quarters and my eyes went right to it! Gosh, it was so Amazingly yummy! They totally melt in your mouth, just like the commercial says! And truth be told, they even taste better then organic chocolate.

That said, tonight I decided to shut the lights off  and turn the Christmas lights on…and just have a  ‘me’ moment.  But wait, something scared me and made me jump up off the couch and turn on the light switch!

What was my concern?

MAGGOTS of course!

You see… maggots always seem to find me regarding candy & food.

It started when I was eight. A friend at school gave me a granola bar.  I don’t remember the brand, but after I went to bed that night, my mom said lights out and I remembered that I had my yummy chocolate chip granola bar in my back-pack. I sneaked quietly out of bed to retrieve it, unwrapped it and took a bite. While I was chewing I felt something moving on my mouth. I jumped up, switched on the light, and to my surprise the granola bar had a tad bit of extra  protein in it! They had to have just hatched. I don’t know, but there was lots of them! I  screamed and spit it all out all over  my silk bed-bed spread.  

My mother came running in my room and ended up grounding me for eating in bed! Ugh! What about the maggots0ts I just ate mom?? What about poor me?? *G*


The next time maggots found their way to me.. was when I was around thirteen. I decided to take a walk to the corner store to buy a new candy bar that just came out. Nestles White Chocolate Crunch bar.

As I was walking home, I opened it up while not paying attention and took a big bite.  I then looked down and saw the creepy crawlers!!  I went back to the store,  got my thiry cents back and never had another one since that day. I am not even sure if they still sell them.

Lastly… was a apple juice incident. At least they were dead though! And I got a years worth of free coupons for the product!!

I came home after school one day and opened up a new bottle of Senaca apple juice.


Floating on the top were a dozen or so maggots. Dead ones, but non the less. Ewww! I called my mom at work to tell her and she told me to not throw it out, and we would write to the company. We did, and I got a stack of coupons in the mail the following week.

So, there ya have it..I will not! Will not! eat a candy bar in the dark for the rest of my life. This includes movie theaters. I always open them up BEFORE I go in.

My mother actually taught me this before all my maggot incidents, because when she was a kid, she had a snow-cap candy incident. She told me that one day while at the movies she opened up a box of snow-caps candy, and they were filled with cobwebs! Yuck! At least the spider was missing I told her! lol

Anyone have any Maggot stories to share?


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