Hair Straightener Review

Hair Straightener Review

I finally splurged and got myself a ceramic hair straightener last week. I have no idea why, but within the past couple years my hair has started getting wavy. I generally brush it out with organic coconut oil to make it appear straighter though.
My daughters have been asking me for a good hair straightener for a while now, so I decided to just buy one. They wanted the ghd one, which runs for $149..*fainting* And if you get the matching blow dryer and carrying case, your looking at about 300 dollars! Yikes!

A good professional hair straightener will be ceramic, not metal with a ceramic coating. It will also have a minimum of ten of more settings, and heat up to 400 degrees at the hottest setting. It will heat up in 30 seconds and have an automatic shut off switch if left on.
Here is the one that I bought. It is made by Andis. It retailed for $35, but I got it for $17 It works super, heats up in a flash, and your hair stays completly straight until it gets wet. I love it!


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