Stay out of the Doghouse!

Dh just sent me this youtube video and it was sooooo funny I had to watch it 3x. Of course maybe I am just weird, but I would have gladly taken a new vacuum with dual bag! Ha!

And off note, but Christmas gift related–My dad just called me in utter shock! But in a funny way! You see, I mailed him his Christmas gift the other day and poured a full cup of sesame seeds in the wrapping paper…so when he unwrapped it…Well, it would be quite the mess to clean up! The only problem he said was, that he was in a company car when he unwrapped it and had to take it to be vacummed afterwards.. due to the mess!!! lol

I have been sending him a bottle of sesame seeds for years and years now. However they are generally in their container, and not emptied out with his Christmas gift! And he hates sesame seeds…Which is why I always feel the need to send them.<:o)~


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