Are the Hurrerites a Cult?

Yes, as a matter of fact they are. Any group of people that have to subject themselves to a ruler, or man of authority other then Christ is indeed cult-like. 

The Hurrerites sect is named after a Christian martyr named Jacob Hutter and has roots in the 16th century. Its followers came to Canada in the early 1900s and set up colonies that followed a  farm style agrarian life and New Testament beliefs.

  I am not certain whether they started out as a cult, but certainly shadow one now. Along with having many rules to follow, pulling all their income, having to eat all meals together in a dining haul and being forced to shun any family members who decide to leave the community…This is cultic behavior.

I find it intresting that so many people spend so much of their time searching for what God wants them to do with their life, that they forget one key element–LIVING!

Living a life here and now. Taking each day one at a time and finding JOY in it. Life is so short and to be at a constant out pour of trying this, and trying that and falling into a trap of searching for more, more, more.. This just doesn’t really seem like living to me. ~JMHO~


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